Daily Diary: A Baby Shower And A Family Addiction


My cousin is about to give birth to her first child. We are all very excited for her!Yesterday was her baby shower and I was so happy to attend. I missed so many family functions over the last few months because of bed rest. It was great to see everyone and have a laugh.


When it was time to open up the presents, a few of us went to the front of the room. The party attendees needed a few minutes to fill out their BINGO forms. Soooooooo….  as a joke one of us said “Candy Crusher break” and we all whipped out our phones. I made someone snap this of us because it was borderline true. WE ARE ALL ADDICTED. The pregnant one – Dana – is freaking up to level 167!!! WHAT?! I still can’t beat level 65. UGH!!!!!!!!!!


I was responsible for making the ribbon hat. I think it looks GREAT! LOL

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