First Look: Minx Nails Professional For Leah Light


Oh how I love Minx Nails. I just received images from the new Minx Professional For Leah Light. Leah is known in New Zealand as a premier nail stylist. I just LOVE the looks – especially the lightning Circuit Board. FUN!

[imagebrowser id=2]

The theme for the eight designs in the Minx Professional by Leah Light collection is ‘Simply Chrome’ with each design utilizing the pure metallic Silver or Gold Minx finish.

Each design appears on a transparent background, enabling it to be worn layered over a gel polish, nail polish, or Minx base color so that the design appears on top of the background color. The Minx coatings can also be worn alone, with no base, for a more subtle look.

  • Zowie: Golden Lightning Circuit Board and Silver Lightning Circuit Board
  • Hannah’s Koru: Golden Lightning and Silver Lightning
  • SuperStar: Golden Lightning Starburst and Silver Lightning Starburst
  • CheckMe Out: Silver Lightning
  • Labyrinth: Golden Lightning

What do you think!? For more information visit – .

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