Another Pregnancy Craving That Better Stay Put – @Kelloggs_US

urlI don’t know WHAT it is but I cannot stop eating Kellogg’s Red Berries cereal. I even got my kids obsessed with the brand. I wake up and RUSH to my cabinets to pour an overflowing bowl. BUT THEN – sometimes – I make everyone have a bowl for DINNER too. I swear – what is in this thing!???

Screen shot 2013-02-13 at 10.20.09 AM

We went to BJs yesterday and I bought 3 double boxes of Kelloggs Red Berries. I know they have more flavor options… but I could CARE LESS. My husband was freaking out. He kept saying…. “where are we going to put all of these boxes?”

I just did not care. And knowing that I was pregnant and craving hard – he let me be. LOL!!!!

PS funny story about the above picture. The kids obviously couldn’t fit into the small push cart. They are made for babies – not 7 year olds! Anyway, I told them they couldn’t BOTH be in there because there wasn’t enough room. Liam told me – “Mom, there are rules and I am breaking them!”

HAHHAHAHAHAHAH Bill and I both cracked up!

So, bacon and Kelloggs – guess there’s something about breakfast food for me and Mr. C.


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  1. Susan wrote:

    Ha ha, I don’t know what it is that causes a specific craving, but many of us get them. For me during my first pregnancy it was cauliflower. I was like, “WHAT the…” I hated cauliflower until that point.

    With my second it was oranges. We’re talking 3, 4, 5 oranges a day, at least. I literally panicked if I saw the ginormous orange bag in the fridge getting smaller. I craved them LIKE A FIEND. I literally sighed with joy when I ate them.

    Posted 2.13.13

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