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Field Report: Fotini Fall 2012 Presentation #NYFW #MBFW

Fotini’s Fall 2012 Collection was stunning, to say the least. Inspired by a perfume bottle that she inherited from an ancient Egyptian queen’s tomb, Fotini designed a collection of dresses that were luxurious and opulent, hinting at royalty and exquisite dedication to the craft.

The colors used were rich jewel tones of emerald, silver, black and brown. The collection focused on dresses. I noticed one well taylored suit in brown. Most of the dresses were long and fitted to the body. One that stood out was an emerald green cut-out dress with a decadent overcoat covered in deep green, almost black feathers. I was a bit undecided on the richness of the feathers but it played nicely with the color of the dress. I had no questions about the feathers used in a brown dress. This is how feathers should be done! When done well, feathers can look exotic and playful, at the same time. Mission accomplished here, as it adorned a semi-peplum and played against the delicate nature of the fabric.

Another standout trend for me was the use of laser cuts. I saw this first at a trade show a few months ago and fell in love with the contrast of rigidity with the peekaboo nature of a cut-out. A black mini dress with laser cuts was pure perfection when adorned with an exposed zipper at the back. I spied a fitted jacket that was entirely made of laser cut fabric, with a ruffle down the center. Because of how modern the laser cutting is, it was perfect to pair it with a vintage style, like a ruffled front. It made it perfect for the young crowd but also fitting for the older, daring soul.

Lace is another major trend for Fall and two-tone lace adds some jazz to this style. Everytime I think I’ve seen everything you can do with lace, I see another style that makes it different. I loved the layering of this lace with black. This dress is a perfect cocktail dress with a jazz. The length was a demure kneelength but it was simply beautiful with this silhouette.

Fotini presented a beautiful Fall 2012 collection. I’m starting to really love these presentations in The Box. I get to really inspect the clothing and notice details that are missed in a runway show.

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