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Evaporating Water Art For Kids: Backyard Set Up (VIDEO)

If you are looking for a fun and entertaining task for the kids this summer, consider evaporating water art! Seriously, my little ones were completely engaged and did not want to leave this space once we found it.

Evaporating Water Art For Kids: Backyard Set Up (VIDEO)

Evaporating Water Art For Kids: Backyard Set Up

Such a smart thing to do and you can set it up just about anywhere. All you need is a hot day, some water,  and a surface to work on. Um… easy enough, right? The price is right, folks! This checks all the boxes for me. 

Evaporating Water Art For Kids: Backyard Set Up (VIDEO)

Over the weekend, the entire family spent a few hours at our local children’s museum and truly couldn’t get enough of their evaporating water art section. Several stone easels were set up with buckets of water and paint brushes for the kids.

Their paintings would only last a few minutes because the heat would dry up…. err…. evaporate the water.

Evaporating Water Art is such a genius idea for the season! We think the kids want the most expensive toys, the latest and greatest tech. No, they don’t! They want this!

Natalie and Liam were going nuts creating one masterpiece after the other. I thought this would be a great project to try to replicate at home. We were thinking about picking up a stone slab from our local hardware store?? It doesn’t have to be hung up – it could just rest somewhere in our backyard.

Check it out this video showing the kids creating their evaporating water art! What do you think this idea?

Evaporating Water Art For Kids: Backyard Set Up (VIDEO)By the way, if you want to add paintbrushes and sponges into the mix, it works. Or you could just let them use their hands. Whatever works. If you want to get a little fancy, you could really ask the kids to use any materials they find in the backyard.

Can they use grass to paint? Some leaves? Maybe an old doll’s hair? You name it! The more creative the better. It truly doesn’t matter because no matter what they paint… it will fade in a matter of seconds. It’s super fun.

My husband and I would even get into a little competition too. They kids told us to draw a tree or a dog and then it was a race to the finish! The opportunities are truly endless.

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