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Mothers of children aged 2-12 all share a desire to provide their children with every physical, mental and emotional advantage. Within this group of wonderful mothers wanting nothing but the best for their kids, there is such a wide range of what they actually want and need for them. I think we all know that, but when it comes to providing basic nutrition, it’s just an even more pronounced and noticeable difference. There are the those moms that have picky eaters that would mostly rather play than eat anything.  There are also another set of mothers with children that are on or above the ‘normal’ growth curve are still seeking nutritional solutions that provide maximum cognitive and emotional benefits. There are mothers that have smaller children that maybe need a little bit extra in their diets to help them develop. There are mothers with children that may need a little boost in their diets to help them stay healthy.

While these moms may struggle with different specific challenges (e.g., a child that is failing to thrive due to medical conditions or one not getting the proper nutrition necessary for proper or maximum cognitive and emotional development), it is excruciating for all of them to see their children fall behind and not know the best way to help them.  

PediaSure is the kind of enrichment children need to succeed every single day in their world. It’s optimal blend of essential nutrients: a unique (patented) combination of proteins, carbohydrates and lipids that allows for enhanced digestion and metabolization of essential vitamins and minerals complete and balanced nutrition. It promotes ongoing growth and development during a critical time of life, which is the first 12 years.

Thank God, we have healthy children that tend to be right where they need to be in terms of development and growth benchmarks. Even with that, and their healthy appetites, there is always a need for some pure, easy nutrition options. Some days are busier that others (soccer, dance, gymnastics, religion, swimming, art, playdates anyone), and some days are just filled with poor eating (drive-thru and 2 kids parties in  day perhaps). We like using PediaSure to just give them that little bit extra in their diets. It’s a great boost for that vitamin and nutrient blast we all need to keep going strong. Plus, the kids absolutely love the taste…they think it’s like a smoothie or shake.  It’s not even a chore to get them to drink it down. We told them it was good for them, though I’m not sure they fully believed us…LOL. That’s fine by me…whatever works, right?

Please, check out out my previous post to learn more about the specific nutrition of each PediSure variety, as well as all the different flavors. There’s such a fabulous range of products offered, you should find exactly what you need (and what your child likes) in no time!!!

PediaSure minifridge

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PediaSure Mini-Fridge From Haier

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  1. Claudia wrote:

    I give my son multivitamins, and he loves to drink pediasure

    Posted 10.28.14
  2. Kathleen Kuykendall wrote:

    I have used Pediasure and Pedialite since my daughter has medical issues that cause her to get dehydrated fast. When she isn’t up to eating Pediasure is a good option.

    Posted 10.28.14
  3. Nicole Dz wrote:

    My kids love PediaSure and they drink it daily. I love the nutrition they get from it, and they love the taste, so that makes it easy for me as a mom.

    Posted 10.29.14
  4. Mami2jcn wrote:

    I give my children multivitamins. We’ve tried Pediasure when they were sick and couldn’t eat solid foods.

    Posted 10.29.14
  5. DAWN SCHMIDT wrote:

    I supplement with vitamins at the moment.

    Posted 10.29.14
  6. Kelly D wrote:

    I give them chewable vitamins every morning. We never tried Pediasure.

    Posted 10.29.14
  7. NICKIE wrote:

    I give my son Multivitamins

    Posted 10.29.14
  8. Marti Tabora wrote:

    I give the kids multivitamins, but I do sometimes worry about them getting everything they need.

    Posted 10.29.14
  9. e michelle wrote:

    i give them pediasure a couple of times a week! Some mornings are very busy and they dont feel like sitting down and eating bfast so some toast out the door and pedisure they will drink!

    Posted 10.29.14
  10. Tanya White wrote:

    Right now we use a daily multi vitamin.

    Posted 10.29.14
  11. Sarah Matos wrote:

    We have used pediasure quite a bit. Its a great nutrition supplement.

    Posted 10.29.14
  12. Dawn Monroe wrote:

    I try to encourage my grandkids to eat healthy and take vitamins but I forget the vitamins often. They have tried the vanilla flavor and liked it.

    Posted 10.29.14
  13. Phylicia Phillips wrote:

    My son takes gummy vitamins but would love to try this. He’s my picky eater who hates veggies

    Posted 10.31.14
  14. joanna reed wrote:

    Yes, I use PediaSure and vitamins.

    Posted 10.31.14
  15. Wendy R. wrote:

    I didn’t use PediaSure. It’s nice that these things now exist for my grandchildren.

    Posted 11.1.14
  16. lisa wrote:

    Yes,we use it. It’s great!

    Posted 11.1.14
  17. joni wrote:

    I try to make sure my daughter takes her vitamins. I do use this product occasionally.

    Posted 11.3.14
  18. amy williams wrote:

    No I have never tried this before they take vitamins but I would not mind trying this he is a very picky eater.

    Posted 11.3.14
  19. We always use pediasure as a supplement. It’s a great product so there’s no need to look any further. 🙂

    Posted 11.3.14
  20. Sonya Morris wrote:

    I supplement with vitamins and Pediasure.

    Posted 11.3.14
  21. Janet Jackson wrote:

    We give my grandson chewable vitamins every day.

    Posted 11.3.14
  22. Julie Waldron wrote:

    We use vitamins.

    Posted 11.3.14
  23. sara wood wrote:

    I do sometimes supplement my sons diet when I feel he isn’t getting enough nutrition.

    Posted 11.3.14
  24. Jill Myrick wrote:

    I supplement with a daily vitamin and fresh fruits and vegetables.
    We have not yet tried Pedaisure except for when they have been sick.


    Posted 11.3.14
  25. Stephanie Larison wrote:

    My girls have never tried it before, we use multivitamins.

    Posted 11.4.14
  26. Linda Meranda wrote:

    Multi-vitamins, fruits & veggies along with healthy dips & fun smoothies

    Posted 11.4.14
  27. Paula Hafner wrote:

    The doctor has my son on 2 multivitamins with iron per day. He also eats a yogurt every day. We haven’t tried Pedisure.

    Posted 11.4.14
  28. kristen mcclary wrote:

    yes my daughter was born 7 and a half weeks early and she is still on the smaller side she eats fairly well most of the time but she has these periods where she will hardly eat at all and thats when we have to use pedisure to make sure she is getting enough nutrition and so she doesnt get to skinny because she is already small enough

    Posted 11.4.14
  29. ger wrote:

    I haven’t tried Pediasure. My nieces and nephews take multis.

    Posted 11.4.14
  30. Stefany wrote:

    I have used Pediasure before. When my daughter was released from the hospital we used it to get her nutrition back on track.

    Posted 11.4.14
  31. Katherine Riley wrote:

    We use Pediasure with our granddaughter.

    Posted 11.5.14
  32. Kim Keithline wrote:

    I don’t always supplement my kids nutrition when they get sick I give them pedia sure to boost their nutrition

    Posted 11.5.14
  33. Richard Hicks wrote:

    We supplement using childrens multivitamins.

    Posted 11.5.14
  34. Karen Drake wrote:

    I used Pedia Sure when my children were sick with a cold or the flu.

    Posted 11.5.14
  35. katherine wrote:

    I don’t supplement yet, but I plan to when he gets a little older!

    Posted 11.5.14

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