Enter To Win: Pampers Wipes Baby Basket Prize Pack


I have such an amazing contest to share with you today because I actually took part in a program that SELECTED the NEW DESIGNS on the PAMPERS PACKAGING in stores now! WHAT?! Yes.

As you know, I am proudly a part of the Pampers Baby Board. A few months ago, I flew to Cincinnati to visit P&G headquarters and the entire team got to vote on which designs they liked best. My designs were chosen! It’s kind of exciting to see it in stores. Truly!

Pampers Wipes Collage

Foxes. Owls. Whales. SO CUTE, RIGHT??

Here’s a closer look.

We are a Pampers family. So, we’re hosting this contest on THREE BLOGS. This will give you extra entry options below.

Bill and I love how soft Pampers wipes are for Caleb while still remaining functional and durable. No mess is too messy if you catch my drift.

What’s Included in the Prize Pack?

  • Pampers Swaddlers in Size of Choice
  • 3 Packages of Pampers Wipes
  • Picnic Plus Basket
  • Mega Mat Folded Picnic Blanket
  • Summer Infant ChangeAway Changing Kit
  • Munchkin Bowls, Cups, and Spoons
  • Joovy Boob Baby Bottle
  • Ylvis What Does the Fox Say Story Book
  • Skip Hop Owl Chime Ball
  • 30-Piece Whale Puzzle
  • Polaroid 300 Instant Camera & Film

How Do I Enter?

Simply Use The Form Below:

Pampers Wipes Baby Package

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  1. Lisa Konieczke wrote:

    Love the new designs. They are fun to see. They bring happiness to the diaper change.

    Posted 9.23.14
  2. Kristin Welch wrote:

    The new designs are absolutely adorable and so colorful!

    Posted 9.23.14
  3. aditi wrote:

    very unique

    Posted 9.23.14
  4. DAWN SCHMIDT wrote:

    I really like the new designs, they are very cheerful.

    Posted 9.23.14
  5. Cynthia R wrote:

    I love them especially teh one with the whales and turtles.

    Posted 9.23.14
  6. Janet W. wrote:

    I think the designs are adorable! Very cute and colorful!

    Posted 9.23.14
  7. Karen Glatt wrote:

    I think that the new designs are so adorable, and my sister would love this prize pack for my nephew!! Awesome giveaway!

    Posted 9.23.14
  8. Jackie wrote:

    I think they are adorable. I really like the whales.
    Thank you!

    Posted 9.23.14
  9. Colleen Maurina wrote:

    These new designs are very cute and colorful! I really like the design with whales.

    Posted 9.23.14
  10. Marileyn wrote:

    I love the new designs! I like how colorful these are. I know this will keep my daughter entertained when I’m changing her diapers outdoors. (Its always a challenge because she is moving all over)

    Posted 9.23.14
  11. kristen mcclary wrote:

    I love the new designs and think it was a great idea to do it

    Posted 9.23.14
  12. Franny Dee wrote:

    They are adorable, colorful and fun!

    Posted 9.23.14
  13. Michelle C wrote:

    I think the new designs are adorable!

    Posted 9.23.14
  14. Leigh Anne Borders wrote:

    They are very cute. I love the whales.

    Posted 9.23.14
  15. Janice Fail wrote:

    Thanks for all the contests…. Would love to win a few…. 🙂

    Posted 9.24.14
  16. Kelly D wrote:

    The designs are cute, I like the animal themes.

    Posted 9.24.14
  17. Jamie Brigham wrote:

    These designs are super cute. My son loves playing with wipes packages and since these come in a plastic pouch with a hard plastic lid they can fit in smaller spaces compared to the big plastic wipes box.

    Posted 9.24.14
  18. Stephanie Phelps wrote:

    They new style is so cool. I love to coordinate things and this will be added to the list! 🙂

    Posted 9.25.14
  19. Leela wrote:

    They’re cute designs.

    Posted 9.25.14
  20. Tanya White wrote:

    I love the new design I think its totally modern!

    Posted 9.25.14
  21. Michelle Weaver wrote:

    I think the new designs are super cute!!

    Posted 9.25.14
  22. Hanadia Roby wrote:

    very eye-catching!

    Posted 9.25.14
  23. Elisabeth Ashley wrote:

    I like the green design with the trees. In general I don’t like the lighter color designs simply because I personally prefer stronger colors instead of white or pastels.

    Posted 9.25.14
  24. Paula Caudill wrote:

    The designs are very creative, and I really like them.

    Posted 9.26.14
  25. Lisa V. wrote:

    I think the new designs are adorable.

    Posted 9.26.14
  26. Darlene Carbajal wrote:

    I love the designs. Very cute!

    Posted 9.26.14
  27. That fox is absolutely adorable!

    Posted 9.26.14
  28. Karen Drake wrote:

    I love the new designs, they are really cute.

    Posted 9.27.14
  29. Jill Myrick wrote:

    I love the new designs, especially the whales.


    Posted 9.27.14
  30. cassandra wrote:

    I like them especially the whales.

    Posted 9.28.14
  31. Tammy S wrote:

    I think the new designs are great! They are bright and cheerful.

    Posted 9.28.14
  32. Melissa Stone wrote:

    Love the pampers sensitive design the little fox is too cute!

    Posted 9.28.14
  33. Amanda L. wrote:

    I think all the designs are cute and it makes the packages look different.

    Posted 9.28.14
  34. The designs are cute. I really like the “Natural Clean” with the Trees and Owls design.

    Posted 9.28.14
  35. Tina Reynolds wrote:

    So super cute love the little fox design really adorable

    Posted 9.28.14
  36. Sarah Cool wrote:

    The new designs are super cute! I love the whales design most

    Posted 9.28.14
  37. Ashley Busse wrote:

    The new designs are ADORABLE! They definitely stand out amongst other brands! Love Pampers!!

    Posted 9.29.14
  38. shelleyb wrote:

    It’s about time someone thought of jazzing up the wipe packaging. I adore the whale pattern. These will add some whimsy this not so pleasant routine. Pampers rocks! Baby Ray will be wide eyed with wonder.

    Posted 9.29.14
  39. Geoff K wrote:

    I think the designs are really cute and comforting — the patterned whales are especially adorable. I would have liked to see at least one non-pastel package, but that’s a small complaint!

    Posted 9.29.14
  40. Teresa Thompson wrote:

    I love the green with trees and birds. Adorable.

    Posted 9.29.14
  41. Sherry Fowler wrote:

    love it! easy to navigate!

    Posted 9.29.14
  42. Shayna Brookman wrote:

    I love the designs especially the whales 🙂

    Posted 9.29.14
  43. Rochel S wrote:

    The new designs are so cute and whimsy!

    Posted 9.29.14

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