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Downward Dog Is The ABC Show You’ve Been Waiting For #ABCTVEvent #DownwardDog

Downward Dog

Downward Dog. Let me tell you all about this tribute to puppy love. I’ve been a dog mom for over 15 years. I know what it means to have a furry baby in the home. So, when I tell you that Downward Dog really spoke to me, I’m not kidding. Actually, out of all the ABC shows I’ve previewed over the last few years, I think this was my absolute favorite. How’s that for an intro?!

Downward Dog

Downward Dog Heads Up on My Must Watch List

Samm Hodges W-I-N-S with his apathetic voice. Hands down. He lends his millennial-style, nothing impresses me, kind of vibe to MARTIN – the dog that steals the show from Downward Dog. From the FIRST INSTANT that you hear Martin speak, you will get it. Samm was the perfect pick. I mean, he sold me within 4 seconds of watching. If anyone else had his role, I don’t think I would have cared as much. BUT THE WAY MARTIN SAYS THINGS JUST CRACKS ME UP.

Allison Tolman and Samm Hodges have a sticky relationship. Samm’s Martin thinks that he is the center of Allison’s world – as he should be. However, Allison’s character, Nan, has other responsibilities… like work and dating. You know, human life! Martin cannot understand what all the interference is about. His unconditional love never wavers…. and I don’t think he can say the same thing about Nan.

I think I cried about 6 times watching the show thinking about my babies at home. How many times have I neglected them over the years? WAHHHHHHHHHH!!!

Downward Dog

How did they come up with the concept for the show? Samm said it had a little bit to do with some shorts that were online about the relationships with pets and their owners.

“In the shorts it was about a dog’s view of his own life. Then we realized a dog has such an intimate view of the life of the owner, so it became much more about the character of Nan and him as an angle on her life. He sees all these moments that no one else was there and he’s there for her in these moments. That was a shift. ”

We asked Allison if she was a dog owner herself and found out that she actually is a cat person instead! But she believes the bonds are truly similar.

I’ve had my cat for 17 years. She’s the longest standing relationship of my entire life, and I grew up with her. I’ve had her since I was 19 years old!So, the transformative power of like loving an animal and being in charge of this little life truly has affected the person that I am, because I grew up with this cat. I was a baby when I got this cat.

It’s a love story that I think is universal for a lot of people, because a lot of people are pet owners and love their animals but it’s not something that we really focus on. We focus on romantic love or familial love, but nobody really talks about what a profound thing it is to love an animal.”

I just have to warn you that when you watch this show, you will never want to leave your pet again. You will quit your job and close the front door and lock yourself in with your furry baby for the rest of your life. I was almost sobbing towards the end!! It is just SO SWEET.

Back to the interview!

The entire show is from the dog’s perspective. In fact, it feels like Martin is doing a bit of soul searching!! I found myself relating to the dog more than to the people. I wonder if that was intentional???

Martin’s always asking if he matters. Like do I matter? There’s so much comedy and reality to that. He’s like he’s a mutt in the backyard of Pittsburg asking do I matter. And if he matters, then we all kind of matter. You know, that’s something about that I like.


Want to give you a sneak peek to Tuesday’s episode – you need to DVR Downward Dog. Seriously! I’m not kidding. It’s actually my favorite ABC show that I’ve previewed so far and I’ve been on ten trips or so. This one really spoke to me.

Synopsis: Frustrated by her boss Kevin’s interference in her ad campaign development, Nan brings Martin to work with her, hoping to keep dog-phobic Kevin at bay. However, she never anticipated that Martin would fall in love with Kevin.

WARNING: There are a few sex scenes – so I wouldn’t sit down with the little ones to watch this show. Even though it’s a talking dog, the show is truly geared towards adults.  Grab your significant other and make it a date night instead.

Downward Dog airs on ABC on Tuesdays 8PM 

ABC invited me to preview Downward Dog. All . opinions are my own.

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