Disney Infinity Is Rocking Our Virtual World! #disneyinfinity

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Just when you thought you had it all figured out – another game hits the market and blows the competition to shreds. We’ve been playing Disney Infinity for a few days now and BOY ARE WE HOOKED. Honestly – this game is ridiculous. It’s Disney. It’s building out your own worlds. It’s role playing. It’s being able to swap characters at will. It’s everything you ever wanted in a single flipping disk.

And yes – I’m fighting with my kids for a turn.


This isn’t the first time I’ve written about Disney Infinity. In fact, I got a sneak preview (click for a ton of info about the game) of the game way back in MARCH. We’ve been collecting pieces ever since!! And this weekend, we finally plugged our Wii U in and put it all to the test.

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Picture it: A game where you can become your favorite Disney character and create your own world. Yes! In Disney Infinity, you have full control of your surroundings. So, not only can you play in pre-made toy boxes… BUT you can create your own. So amazing!

Here’s why this is better than other games that allow you to build your own worlds. It’s not BRICK by BRICK (which in my opinion is SO TIME CONSUMING and crazy). You could either put a complete castle down all at once – or put it down in about 50 pieces. 50 pieces gives the user a lot of room for creativity. There will be many different variations on that castle. Imagine having to build out a beautiful castle brick by brick. PLEASE – I could never handle that. This game is so much more doable than others on the market.

And where else can you get Mr. Incredible playing alongside the leads from Monsters Inc. ??? Nowhere!! That’s where! Disney Infinity takes all of your favorite movies and meshes them into one fun universe. Every child’s dream come true.


During the official launch event in NYC, I took some video of kids in action. Check it out.


Trust me. Run out and get this one. It is INSANELY FUN! When the kids go to sleep tonight, I’m going to build them out a surprise – a new area! Click here to learn more about Disney Infinity.


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