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First day of school. If you watch movies and television shows it’s not pegged as such a joyous morning. But that was never the case for me. In my life, the first day of school was always … AMAZING. You got to catch up with old friends. See who was in your class. And of course, meet your new teacher!! I was a teacher’s pet BY THE WAY! Always and forever. 🙂

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Luckily, for my children – so far it’s been the same. Here’s Natalie putting on her name tag during the very first day of Pre-K. I snapped the photo at just the right time. She was BEYOND excited.

This sticker… is all mine??? And it has my name on it????!!!

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My husband and I love to rev up the kids’ level of excitement for the beginning of school by reading books to them about the big day. I just got my hands on “Tony Baloney School Rules” and I had to share.

First Day of School With Tony Baloney

The book follows a young, little penguin experiencing his first day of school and all of its rules. Sure – it can be a bit much to take in. But once Tony gets into a routine, he actually embraces this new way of life.

First Day of School

It’s amazing how fast time flies. Natalie is now going into third grade. Here she is heading into 1st… which feels just like it happened yesterday.

I actually really appreciated “Tony Baloney School Rules” because our third-grade teacher has a little reputation of being strict and stern. This is the first time we’ve ever encountered a teacher like this and my daughter is very nervous and apprehensive about starting school in a few weeks.

I have been reminding her that rules are a good thing and she will do well in an environment that embraces them… but she wasn’t buying it. This book took the edge off so to speak!! BIG weight lifted off my shoulders!!!

Click to read more information about Tony Baloney School Rules and snag it before this year officially begins.

First Day of School With Tony Baloney

From the Publisher:

Tony Baloney is finally free from the tyranny of his many sisters only to face a new challenge–SCHOOL RULES! How will Tony ever follow them all?

True to his resilient spirit, he discovers a first day of school filled with new friends, good fun, a few foibles, and some fantastic surprises!

Hilarious sibling dynamics make this book a hit with young readers who can relate to the “Bossy Big Sister Baloney,” “Mischievous Middle” Tony Baloney, or the “Bothersome Baby Baloneys.” Tony Baloney is poised to become a classic, character-driven series in the vein of Arthur, Fly Guy, and Frog and Toad.

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