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Disgust Is Shaped Like Broccoli And Other Fun Facts About Inside Out #InsideOutEvent

Director Pete Docter & Producer Jonas Rivera

We are in JUNE!! That means we are just a few days away from the release of ‘Inside Out‘!  I thought it would be fun to tell you about some super cool facts I learned about the film while sitting down with Director Pete Docter and Producer Jonas Rivera. I actually had the chance to hear Jonas speak TWICE. Once in San Francisco and once at the Disney Social Media Moms Conference. What a treat!


Part of what these Pixar / Disney trips offer is the ability to understand more than the average viewer. The secrets. The thought process behind the scene. And our group got to learn some fun tidbits about ‘Inside Out’ that I would love to share with you. That way you can look out for them yourself while you are in the theater with your kids.

Better yet — tell them about your knowledge before hitting the theater so you can sound like the master movie goer. The YODA of facts.

How does Mom know this all???

She just does – that’s how!

First up – shapes. The emotions were actually molded after things that sort of represented their feeling. So, for example, Disgust pretty much looks like broccoli. And I love broccoli… so maybe this upsets me a little. But I would never say that because I love Pixar and I’m not going to ruffle any feathers if you know what I mean!! So… great choice! 🙂

Anger looks like a brick and Sadness looks like a teardrop. Can you see it? I most certainly can!


Joy looks a little different than the other emotions. She has a huge glow to her. She’s also a bit more complex. As you can see, every other emotion is pretty much all the same color – except for Joy. Joy’s hair is blue, her aura is blue, but her skin is yellow. She’s the only one that is multi-dimensional like that. It’s a visual way to depict that there is more to her than just Joy. She’s special. Boom.

A day in the life of "Inside Out" Director Pete Docter (center) with (left to right) Angelique Reisch, Tasha Sounart, Shawn Krause, Victor Navone and Producer Jonas Rivera, on April 16, 2014 at Pixar Animation Studios in Emeryville, Calif. (Photo by Deborah Coleman / Pixar)

If someone asks you about the origin story for ‘Inside Out’ you are going to be well equipped my friends, because I HAVE IT! Origin story feels very Marvel or Star Wars… I know. I’m getting my Empires mixed up but you have to listen either way.

Pete Docter went from watching his little girl jumping around and smiling and engaging with her family and friends to becoming a very introverted and quiet 11 year old tween. He couldn’t – for the life of him- figure out what was going on inside her mind. And even as I write these few sentences, I am tearing up because my baby girl is turning 10 in two weeks and I absolutely know that I am about to walk down this very dark and absolute path with my soon-to-be tween. That’s why this movie is so important for me. I’m living it. I have Riley as a daughter. I understand these parents. My family mirrors this story. So, the fact that this man was able to take a very personal situation that he was going through with his daughter and make a movie out of it so families can bond together as they watch the journey together… it’s just so beautiful. I know this movie is going to help me and Natalie talk about a few things. I know Inside Out will help my kids open up about emotions that perhaps they didn’t know how to express on their own. And this is why I am so thankful for it.

When I was sitting in the room with these two men, I really almost started crying because I wanted to thank them for this exact reason. I wanted to thank them for helping me have a conversation that I know I am going to have a year or two from now. I know I will reference this story in due time and I know that they won’t remember me… but their impact on that rough time will be significant. They don’t realize how important their work is. It’s not just a cartoon. It’s not just a fun Saturday afternoon out with the kids. Inside Out will help kids talk to their parents about internal struggles.

Remember when Riley felt….

Well, today I….


Remember when the mom wanted to know what was going on with Riley and she couldn’t tell….

Well, I feel the same way….


So, so thankful.


Off the horse. Let’s move onto Easter Eggs.

I only wrote down a few Easter eggs. If you want to read a larger list, click here!!

  • Look out for characters from “Ratatouille”!
  • Look at the memory balls at Headquarters and in Long Term Memory. You will see clips from other Pixar films!
  • The globe in Riley’s classroom has been in every single Toy Story movie. Fun!
  • Look at the bumper stickers in San Francisco – they have “Cars” on them.

Super fun!

Inside Out hits theatres on June 19th!!! 

Let’s Get Social 

Disney and Pixar invited me to San Francisco to meet the makers of Inside Out. All opinions are my own.

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