Daily Diary: Pumpkin Picking With The Family (PIC HEAVY)


I hope you have a tall cup of coffee because this is going to be a long post. I took WAY too many pictures (like I always do) and I tried my hardest to narrow it down. Here’s a look at this year’s pumpkin picking festivities.

We met up with two other families and drove out East to the Hamptons. We always go to the same farm because they do SUCH a great job during the Fall. 80% of the activities are free which I completely appreciate and my children have gotten to the point where they don’t even ask to go into the pay-to-play section anymore. BONUS!!! πŸ™‚


I just love this picture sequence. Doesn’t it look like Caleb told his friend a silly joke that only he understood? HA!


My free-spirited angel. I am so lucky to have such happy babies.

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The kids explored, cheered, raced, climbed, shouted, hid and more. All the while the moms raced around trying to take pictures. Where were the dads you ask?


Posing inappropriately with pumpkins. Isn’t that always the way? LOL! They are lucky we find them amusing! And that they carry our heavy diaper bags.


Did I mention that it was FREEEEZZZZZIINNGGG? I was DYING in my little military jacket. I needed a down one.




The one thing I don’t mind paying for is the hayride. It’s like $3 a ticket and that’s ok. It’s super short but I feel like it’s something we have to do when pumpkin picking. Truth be told, there’s a better ride 5 minutes from my house. This one stunk. I might take the kids to our local nursery and have them do a secondary hayride just for the fun of it.


Family photo time! I told you over the weekend that I bought this photo on discount using a Shutterfly code (that is now expired). Can’t wait to get it!



In the end, we had a GREAT day! Liam found a great pumpkin and we had the perfect day with friends. If you are wondering why he doesn’t have his glasses on it’s because some kid rammed right into him and broke them! UGH – we ended up being able to glue them together when we got home thank goodness. But I think to be sure we need to get him another set of glasses as backup.



Across the street is a vineyard. We hopped over and had lunch. My family left much earlier than everyone else. Caleb was spent. I knew it was going to be a long day for him. I actually didn’t think we would last as long as we did. As soon as we got in the car…. he KONKED OUT. I don’t drink, but for fun I paid for a sampling or whatever it’s called. It was interesting to taste all the different types of wine. Out of the 5 I could tolerate ONE. It’s just not my thing! My friends were in heaven. Either way, it was really fun to hear about the notes and the flavors that I was supposed to be looking for (butter, oak, blueberry etc).


On our way home, we stopped at the big duck. It’s a road trip landmark. I’ve passed it a million times and never ONCE stopped to take a picture. Caleb was sleeping so I thought we should jump out and take a picture while we can. Β It’s actually a tourist information booth. So fun, right?!

TOLD YOU IT WAS A BIG POST! πŸ™‚ You need a nap now, right?

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  1. It looks like you and your family had a really great time! We did the same two weekends ago. Minus the wine-tasting, but I would have REALLY enjoyed that with a couple of my girlfriends.

    Posted 10.21.13
  2. sherry wrote:

    Vera have you ever tried Moscato? I hate wine with a passion and have tried so many over the years but just wind up with a headache and a bad aftertaste. We ate at Olive Garden one night and they gave us a sample of their special moscato and it was freaking AWESOME. At the time, this specific brand was only available at the restaurant but now it’s all over. I’m obsessed. I hardly ever drink, but when I do..it’s this! (It’s the Castello del Pooggio) They (the wine maker, not Olive Garden lol) actually have a rose that I just tried recently and I liked it, too.

    I’ve tried a few other brands of moscato but I didn’t care for any of them. I wasn’t meant to be a regular wine drinker…lol

    Posted 10.21.13
  3. Denise wrote:

    A friend told me to check out your blog and “Cooking With Mr. C.” on Facebook. I just “Liked” his page and came to look at your blog. I love when people share blogs with each other. Denise

    Posted 10.23.13
  4. LizzyS wrote:

    i love that duck, duck,…..goose I did not know it was a information building.

    Posted 10.24.13

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