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Daily Diary: Long Island Blackout On The Day Of My Kids’ Birthday Party (FUN!)

That’s what I get for having babies in the summer! LOL.

Since my children are only a month apart, we typically have their birthday party together. I think – all in – we were about 25 people which was a manageable number. Two cakes. One shot. It’s nice and easy…usually. However, an hour in… we lost power. Apparently, when it gets over 100 degrees LIPA has a hard time managing all of their customers. It stayed down for 3.5 hours… during the party. I was dying.

At first, I was so confused. I thought everyone turned the lights off to stay cooler. But when I noticed that the clocks were down too – I practically stopped breathing. How will we keep these people cool? It was 2PM!!!!

We stayed in as long as we could and then had to take it outdoors. I sped that puppy right along. Force feeding everyone the next course just to end it and get everyone home. No one needed to suffer with us. Truly.

We served the cake before everyone finished their lunch. Ok – maybe not that quickly. But close to it!

Then at 5PM, we had an guy come to serve Italian Ice. Half the people left!! So, I asked some friends to come over and help us out. I don’t think I ever ate so much Italian Ice in one sitting. LOL

In the end, we had the party and I’m sure it was a day we will never forget.


m morgan

Monday 9th of July 2012

All I need to know is: how did you manage to have children one month apart??


Monday 9th of July 2012

lol - well they are 2 years apart but their birthday parties are always one month apart ;)

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