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Daily Diary: His Hat? Her Hat? It Doesn’t Matter With Baby Number 3

Screen Shot 2015-01-30 at 4.20.56 PM


You can’t see that pink Nike check on Caleb’s pom pom hat, but it’s there! The reason why I know it’s there is because that’s actually Natalie’s hat and she wore it this morning to school. Caleb wears all sorts of things that aren’t his. You know, purple socks, over-sized shirts, da-da’s shoes. Whatever works! And I truly mean… whatever works. If Caleb doesn’t grow up to be the most chill adult on the planet, then I did something wrong.

This kid is the epitome of “go with the flow”. I kind of wish I could take some of that ease and calmness from him, bottle it up and inhale it whenever I need to relax.

Hugging him does that for me sometimes. Lowers my heart rate. My anxiety. My crazy. He’s the best medicine I in the house. 😉

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