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Daily Diary: Had My First Diva Moment This Week And It Was Ugly

Something really ugly came out of me this week – really, really ugly. I’m talking ‘Real Housewives of NY’ “made for TV” ugly. And ever since I spewed the nasty, it keeps repeating in my head.

What on Earth came over me?

I was a little stressed … ok a lot stressed and I began to rant to some friends about the situation which led me to get a little riled up. And then I said it – the nasty. It’s everything I am NOT. Believe me! But I guess everyone has their day and this week… my day was tarred and filled with feathers.

All last night as I vegged out and watched a movie, I kept reliving that moment and thinking – what do my friends think of me right now?? How could I have thrown that nasty on them? UGH I need a shower. I almost want to email and apologize!!!

But I’m going to just let this one slide and hopefully it will die a quick death. Who knows? Perhaps my friends thought nothing of what I said – but I can’t imagine how that would be.

Have you ever Diva-d out on someone??


Sunday 29th of April 2012

We need to take ownership of these things. We say these things are 'not who we are', but we did or said them, so clearly they are a part of us. It's important to dig deep and find out what the reason behind our behavior is.

Vanessa Coker

Friday 27th of April 2012

Ugh I think I've had my fair share of Diva moments :/ not as of recently though.

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