Daily Diary: First Penance For Liam


What a special weekend!

Liam made his first penance this Saturday and the whole family celebrated. I’m not so sure he fully got the point. We asked him what he told the priest when he was finished, and all he confessed was not playing with his brother enough.


What about the fibbing and the disobeying?

Didn’t cross his mind!

That’s ok. It’s a work in progress. He received a few trinkets to commemorate the special moment and then the family let him pick out a restaurant for lunch. He opted for Red Robin and so off we went.

Caleb put on the show of a lifetime. I’m pretty sure anyone who was thinking about having children will wait just a tad bit longer after witnesses my family for that hour. WOAH. But for, unlimited fries we dealt with the breakdowns.

The rest of the day was spent at home – playing games and watching movies. Is Liam a changed man? Only time will tell.


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