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Daily Diary: Celebrated Easter With The Family


What a wonderful day we had with the family. Easter is such a special occasion. It all started off with an egg hunt … at 5AM. And no – I’m not kidding about that. After breakfast, Bill took the kids to mass like he always does on Sunday and I stayed home with Caleb while he napped. Then it was off to our town’s classic car parade!


Screen Shot 2014-04-21 at 11.01.13 AM


Check out the video below — I couldn’t tape all of the parade because it’s a half hour long. But I did want to give you a little taste. Some cars throw candy out to the children which is such a BONUS for my little ones.

Then…. it was off to Astoria.



Close quarters! My grandmother’s house can no longer FIT our entire family but we still try to make it work. It’s … barely manageable but still fun.



Screen Shot 2014-04-21 at 11.01.19 AM

Here’s the best part of the night. The kids got a ton of Easter candy from the family and do you know what they did with it all? They tried to sell it back to us! Between the four of them, they made a few bucks!! We were cracking up! I paid $1 for two jolly ranchers. RIP OFF!!!

I’ve never been more proud…. my little entrepreneurs!



And then dessert…. this was my plate. I took two bites of everything and then put it down because my eyes were bigger than my stomach. Everything was so flipping GOOD. But I had to stop. I was stuffed to the RIM.  A great day indeed.

What did you do for the holiday if you celebrate?



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