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Crazy Halloween Costumes: Unique Finds And Must See Creations

I HAD to write this. I’m sitting here laughing by myself in my basement looking at all of these options.

Are you looking for crazy Halloween costumes? I mean the really unique kinds that will have people talking. Well, this Halloween Costume post is for YOU!!

MIND YOU – some will be really GROSS! So, be prepared for some NON-PG action.

Are you ready for some unique adult costumes?

Ok, here we go.

14 Crazy Halloween Costumes

Ovum and Sperm Adult Halloween Costume

Handmade Halloween Costume

Hunk of Ham Halloween Costume – homemade

Poop Halloween Costume

Coca Cola Machine Halloween Costume – homemade

Comic Book Character Halloween Costume

Handmade Bunsen and Beaker Halloween Costumes

Female Inflatable Doll Halloween Costume (Thanks Sara)

Bugs on the leg Halloween Costume – Martha Stewart Idea

Penthouse Pet of the Year Halloween Costume

Spider Web Mom Halloween Costume

Mouse Trap Halloween Costume – gross

Abe on a Penny Halloween Costume – homemade

For a pregnant woman – Halloween Costume

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Wednesday 14th of September 2011

crazy for sure......what are you wearing??

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