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Clever Idea To Handle Leftover Wine

Sometimes when you have a party, there’s about 1/3 of the last bottle of wine left. It’s not enough to store in the fridge and odds are everyone can’t handle another drink.

So, what to do with that liquid gold?

The Art of Doing Stuff‘ had a great idea! Make wine ice cubes. That way if you ever need wine for cooking – you don’t have to open a new bottle.

Check out her site for more great tips!


Wednesday 24th of August 2011

Does it freeze though? I thought with the alcohol content it wouldn't be able to completely freeze up. Great idea though. I know your mom likes a little ice in her wine, well we can just add ice cubed wine. I am going to try this!


Tuesday 23rd of August 2011

ok .. this IS BRILLIANT!! Would be great for sangria drinks too! smart!


Tuesday 23rd of August 2011

Great idea!!!!

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