Checking Out The New Mercedes-Benz 2013 GL Class In Santa Fe, New Mexico

I went to Santa Fe, New Mexico to learn more about the latest SVU from Mercedes-Benz, the 2013 GL-Class. My driving partner was Lauren Fix, The Car Coach, and we had a great time driving around Santa Fe in the diesel-fueled GL 350. On the first day, we drove from the airport to the hotel. It was starting to rain and the sky looked very ominous. The road, though, was pretty standard for driving.

I had a chance to get acquainted with the GL 350 even before we left the airport. The first thing that grabbed my attention? That would be the ridiculously beautiful exterior. I had the chance to chat with a member of the Mercedes-Benz design team and he brought some details to my attention. The GL-Class comes in the variety of colors. And, just in case you needed any more reason to fall in love with it, the names are incredibly sexy. I’ll entice you with a few….Obsidian Black, Tenorite Grey, Citrine Brown, Calcite White….whoever is coming up with these names is a genius. The designer also pointed out to me the beautiful sloped sides, with extended rims over the wheels.

On the inside, it gets even more serious. The one we were checking out was dripping in Mad Men glamour. From the matte brown wood accents, to the ivory stitch detailing and the buttery soft leather, this SUV was the epitome of luxury. If glossy wood detailing is your thing, you can have that option as well, but definitely check out the matte wood option. It redefines luxury, to me. The seats were stitched in a diamond design, to enhance comfort and better mold to your body. Just in case you have reason to spend extended periods of time in this SUV, I’m pretty sure you won’t be complaining. You may even find yourself offering to drive strangers to the airport, just to get more intimate time with this beauty.

Check out the three sunroofs.

The GL-Class is definitely a work of art. The designers at Mercedes-Benz clearly got very acquainted with the idea of decadent luxury and succeeded in allowing anyone sitting in one of these to bask in it.

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Credit for the professional pictures: Greg Jarem.

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