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Bonjour! Back To School Fashion And Free Online French Lessons With Jacadi

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I LOVE THIS! We all know and adore Jacadi for their fabulous children’s clothing line.  I have written about this company before and even enjoyed a few events at their NYC location.  But this Back to School season, Jacadi thought to give a little something extra to their customers. In fact, I can’t wait to show my kids this little perk myself.
Jacadi Back to School
On top of all the fashion finds your little fashionistas and fashionistos will need for this school year, they can also brush up on their FRENCH. YES! Jacadi will be exploring the differences between common English words, things and phrases and their French equivalents with fun lessons that are available to view or download from their website. 7 lessons in all. What a fun way to get your kids interested in another language! We all know how digital our children are these days, right? Well, I have a feeling they will enjoy learning these little tidbits online.
Here’s a sneak peek at the 7 lessons:
  • The mid week- weekend (it will talk about the “french mercredi”, time off for children)
  • We say, they say
  • All in a day’s pay
  • What grade are you
  • Monument al structures
  • Sport talk
  • Day of the week

Isn’t this great? You can almost look at this as a one week adventure. Each day, head back to Jacadi and do another activity.

jacadi back to school

And don’t forget — while you are on the site, be sure to check out the amazing designs they have for kids. Jacadi provides the world with authentic and timeless children’s fashion in the French tradition. We own several pieces from this brand and I have to say that the quality is top notch. Their designs are sweet. Their attention to detail and the fabrics they use are incomparable. And great news! Jacadi products are available from 0 to 12 years for clothing, footwear and nursery.

* this is a sponsored post.

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