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Best Air Freshener For Home – Febreze Plug Air Freshener

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Febreze . The opinions and text are all mine.

The best air freshener for home usage is one that smells great and is long-lasting. As a mom of three, the last thing I need to worry about is spending money on a product and then having it lose its luster after just a few days. After a quick trip to Sam’s Club, I found this Febreze Plug Air Freshener Multi-Pack – which includes 2 Oil Warmers + 4 Scented Oil Refills – and was so happy to learn that I found this product keeps working for 1,200 hours with just one pluggable refill (on low setting).

best air freshener at home

Best Air Freshener For Home – Febreze Plug Air Freshener

Talk about a woman’s dream come true! A fresh smelling house thanks to a low-maintenance product. If only everything in my life was that easy.

I had to put the Febreze Plug Multi-Pack product on your radar because it’s only available at Sam’s Club while supplies last this month. So, act fast and pick up a few kits while you still can.

What would you do with 1200 hours of freshness? Because that’s how many a single Febreze Plug Air Freshener can offer you if you keep it on the low setting. I just love that! And remember, as a Sam’s Club member, you get FOUR fresheners in one package – that’s six months of smelling-good days! And it’s available for a great price for a limited time.

If you are looking for ways to make your house smell good, this is it!

how to make your home smell good

Fresh Smelling Home Tips

As a mom of three, I do have some other ideas that I’d like to share with you. With two boys and two teens, I have to stay on top of my little ones and their stinky ways.

Make sure that you get some fresh air into your house on a regular basis – even on the colder days. We are in the middle of winter, but that doesn’t mean you should keep all your windows closed. Crack a window open – even for just 5 minutes a day – and let some fresh air into your house to give your space a new start.

Have your children clean out their rooms regularly. I never allow them to go more than a few days before I ask them to zip through with an empty garbage bag and collect everything that doesn’t belong. You’d be surprised at all the things they sneak into their sleeping spaces when you aren’t looking.

Last but not least, get help when you can from products that are literally made to help  – like room air fresheners. You might not know what will be happening six months from now, but you’ll still be smelling freshness if you snag these Febreze Plug Air Fresheners available for a limited time only at Sam’s Club.

pet odor in house

Great For Pet Owners

As a dog mom, I have to say that the best deodorizer is the one that works against all elements – even pets. I love my rescue pup, but he is almost 60 pounds and brings a lot energy and outside smells with him whenever he comes back inside from his adventures.

kitchen freshener

Well, with the Febreze Plug Air Fresheners, all you have to do it into any outlet and sit back as it begins to clean away tough smells – even though pet odors. What’s left will be a light, fresh scent will linger in your home for days. BLISS!

I just love that this product cleans away odors and doesn’t just mask them. What a game-changer.

febreze air freshener

Compatible With Other Febreze Plug Warmers

Whenever a new product or kit comes out, the first thing I wonder is whether or not it will work with what I already have at home and the great news is the refills that are included in this Sam’s Club package will work with your already existing Febreze plug warmers.

So, you don’t have to worry about buying anything new to make your scents kick in. Absolute perfection.  Just plug whatever scent you want into your outlet of choice to start cleaning away your tough smells.

air freshener for home

Get Ready For Up To 6 Months Of Freshness

So, what are you waiting for? Grab a few packages for a great price at Sam’s Club this month for six months of freshness. These are available for a limited time, so when they’re gone, they’re gone! Scents available are Mediterranean Lavender, Gain Original, Linen & Sky, and Hawaiian Aloha.

home smelling fresh

Your best bet is to stock up on your favorite scents and store these multipacks for later use. Visit Sam’s Club or to purchase the Febreze Plug Air Freshener multipack while supplies last!


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