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Bath And Body Works Semi-Annual Sale: We Scored BIG

The Bath and Body Works Semi-Annual Sale is ON! My daughter had her birthday party over the weekend. So, we needed to create gift bags for the girls who attended. What better place to visit to stock up on goods for teen girls than Bath and Body Works?

Bath and body works semi-annual

We stocked up on perfumes, hand sanitizers, accessories, and candles. Scored BIG and saved even bigger. The Bath and Body Works Semi-Annual sale did not disappoint.

Bath And Body Works Semi-Annual Sale: Scored BIG

Check out everything we brought home from the Bath and Body Works Semi-Annual Sale for the birthday party and for ourselves –>

I will say this! The 50% off signs and the 75% off signs were everywhere! But most of the coupons that I found online could NOT be used in the store. So, you have a decision to make.

I would consider looking online and seeing what you could do on their site. I have a feeling you can say even more on the web. Personally, I like to head to the store because I need to SMELL what I am buying, but if you know what fragrances and scents work for you, then check out the BBW website right now! Avoid the lines and shop in your pajamas. That’s how I like to roll. LOL!

Then again… I would have never found my favorite candle on the planet – YUM AND YUM! It’s been burning since the moment we stopped filming this video. Take a look – it’s the last thing I show. OH SO GOOOOOOODDDDDD.

When is the Bath and Body Works semi-annual sale?

You might be wondering when the Bath and Body Works semi-annual sales take place. Don’t worry! I have all the information you need. 

One sale starts right after Christmas, and a second sale kicks off during the summer months. So, set a reminder on your calendar right now to be on the lookout for those deal announcements.

Your best bet is to sign up for Bath and Body Works newsletter – they will definitely let you know in advance of any promotion. 

Do you look forward to the Bath and Body Works Semi-Annual sale? We never did before, but now we are truly converted and are officially fans!

I can’t wait to shop this sale with my daughter in a few months again! If you are smart about how you tackle these deals, you can truly stock up for the entire year at bargain prices.

Bath and Body Works Semi-Annual Sale coupons

And as a reminder, in the video, I show you that I was able to use the $10 off $40 coupon TWICE. This isn’t standard. Not every store will absolutely do this. Check to see if your cashier will honor it twice. I would suggest going very early if possible – while the store isn’t very crowded  – to try to split out your order!!

Start shopping the Bath and Body Works Semi-Annual sale today.

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