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Balcones del Atlántico In The Dominican Republic: The Perfect Caribbean Getaway

Balcones Del Atlantico 97


My recent trip to Samaná in the Dominican Republic was fun, relaxing, and at times, adventurous. From the unbeatable villa resort at Balcones del Atlántico, to the exquisite cuisine of Porto and the town of Las Terrenas, this travel excursion was heavenly.

While I was perfectly content with sitting on the beach all day long, there was also adventure to be had. Between January and April, it is Whale Watching season in Samaná, and we were invited to witness this incredible sight. Dramamine is a must, as it’s a rocky couple of hours on the water, but was totally worth it as we came in close contact with these magnificent creatures of the sea.

whale tail

Whale Tail!



If whale watching isn’t your thing, there’s always the sterling views of the ocean from the beach, as the subtle breeze delivers complete relaxation.

Balcones Del Atlantico 21


With my dear new friends, we enjoyed a smooth coconut water at Restaurant Luis at Coson Beach.

Balcones Del Atlantico 18

From Left: Camille Bromley, Samantha Ewers, Meredith Phares enjoy some fresh coconut water


I have been on several tropical vacations in my time, but none have ever conveyed paradise the way the beaches of Samaná, and specifically those located at Balcones del Atlántico .

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Balcones Del Atlantico 52

Balcones Del Atlantico 28


On our last night at Balcones del Atlántico, one of the resort’s owners, Maximo Bisono, invited us to his townhouse for a champagne toast and “Ceviche Experience”.


From Left: Camille Bromley, Nora Zelevansky, Maximo Bisono, Samantha Ewers, Carlton Jared Lockett


You can’t have fun without dancing the Meringue a little!


Meredith Phares and Maximo Bisono Dance The Meringue


My favorite moments during my time in the Dominican Republic were in the morning. The serene atmosphere from Balcones del Atlántico’s beachfront restaurant, Porto, was the perfect blend of relaxing and delicious. Even their coffee is unrivaled.

Balcones Del Atlantico 58

Camille Bromley and Samantha Ewers


Nora Zelevansky and Carlton Jared Lockett


I was sad to go, but had to send a fond farewell to the lovely Maxaida Marte, General Manager at Balcones del Atlántico, who made our stay an absolute pleasure.

Samantha Ewers of Lady and the Blog with Maxaida Marte of Balcones Del Atlantico

I had to get in one last photo on the beach with my fellow group of travel writers (unfortunately Nora Zelevansky was unable to make it for this photo). Between the simple luxury that Balcones del Atlántico afforded us, and the uniquely wonderful group of writers that I enjoyed this excursion with, I had the perfect Caribbean getaway. I absolutely cannot wait to return.

From Left: Drew Limsky, Samantha Ewers, Camille Bromley, Carlton Jared Lockett, Meredith Phares

From Left: Drew Limsky, Samantha Ewers, Camille Bromley, Carlton Jared Lockett, Meredith Phares

To plan a getaway like this for yourself, check out and You will be amazed at how reasonable the rates are for an experience that can only be described as priceless.

Tuesday 5th of November 2013

Vista mare in samana is very pretty as well. More secluded as well.

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