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Back To School Night For My Baby Girl

Yesterday was a big day for Bill and me. We got a chance to visit Natalie’s classroom. I was so excited to get in there because Natalie is so cryptic when she talks about her days in school!!! We met her teacher, signed up for volunteer work and trips and met the other parents. It was such a treat. Two friends of mine have children in the same class. We all stopped and chatted after and it felt like the beginning of something – building the foundation of a long lasting relationship.

We lingered for a long time. After about 40 minutes I said… I think it’s time to go. LOL! Though I didn’t really want to go.

Bill then headed out to play paddle tennis? Maybe that’s the name of it. He joined a league and really enjoyed himself. Me? I caught up on my DVR – Dr. Phil, Oprah, Vampire Diaries and all that jazz. 🙂

Oh and if you are an I’m Not Obsessed reader – you might have noticed the site went down for 4 hours. I pretty much had a brown paper bag in my hand for the entire afternoon. Anxiety… ATTTTAAACCCCCKKKKKK. My server… burned out, failed, crashed permanently, went ka-put. Reality Check Network assured me this is “extremely rare” and worked to get it onto another box as quickly as possible. I just about threw up every ounce of food that I consumed… or at least felt like I needed to.

While I was at Natalie’s school I was constantly on my phone checking to see if the site was live… then checked myself. I had to let it go. I was missing out on this once in a lifetime experience. I did and it all worked out.

When I came home I told Natalie everything I learned and she was SO EXCITED that I knew about her classroom. It was SO CUTE.

Tonight I host… bunco. Oh joy. It will be good to see my friends though – feel like I haven’t gone out in a while. Hopefully the kids stay sleeping while we have a late loud night.

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