BABYBJÖRN Presents Fabulous Bouncers and Baby Carriers for Your Little One (PLUS Giveaway)

BB44Jessica and Samantha here again with the latest and greatest in baby gear to make life with your little one easy and fun. Every parent knows that once your little newborn grows into an animated, inquisitive infant who wants to discover the world (while keeping Mom and Dad close) there are two must have pieces of baby gear that you must add to your arsenal: a comfortable carrier and a great bouncer. As we were assessing the options on the market we didn’t have to look far, when it comes to keeping your little one close and safe, BABYBJÖRN has got you covered. Whether you have a baby who wants to be close to you 24/7 or a little one that wants to be close to the action, BABYBJÖRN has carriers and bouncers to keep your little one close, safe and entertained making your life as a parent easier — and who doesn’t love that?


When I was seven months pregnant with my daughter, to my husband’s complete and utter shock, I asked him if he’d like to go for a stride along the Brooklyn Bridge. During our walk, I expressed to him that I couldn’t wait to go for similar strolls with our little bean, all cozied up in the baby carrier I had just ordered in anticipation of her arrival. I was so hopeful for the journeys ahead.

Once our little Penelope had arrived and was ready to be strapped in, the unnamed baby carrier that I had purchased was not quite as seamless as I was expecting. Still in denial about it, I told myself and everyone else that it was totally normal that my baby was crying for the first few minutes of being strapped in. I thought, surely everyone dreads putting their baby in the carrier, and it’s just one of those things that will always be a big production. Of course I was supposed to bounce around like a lunatic to keep her happy. Maybe our baby just wasn’t the carrier type.

I let myself repeat these sentiments for the last 9+ months. My husband, who had his concerns about our carrier from the beginning, said, “Maybe we should get something that lets her face outward, so she can see the world.” It was then that I began noticing BABYBJÖRN. Like really paying attention. My neighbor across the hall has one for his baby about the same age, and one time when I saw him collecting his laundry from the dryer with his baby on-board, I thought how I would never go through the hassle of strapping Penny into our baby carrier just to get our laundry. In the past, I’ve been more willing to juggle hampers, detergent, and a stroller, than get started with that. The carrier, for me, was always a last resort.

Then last week, my new BABYBJÖRN Baby Carrier One arrived. It’s sleek looking and shows four different options for how to carry my baby: a newborn position that doesn’t require an insert, and offers optimal comfort and support, inward facing with a perfect fit, outward facing that is best for curious babies with stable head control, and piggyback style for toting around the older babes. Cool, I thought. At least when she’s yelling at me after strapping her in, she’ll have a nicer view.

But then something weird happened. I put on the BABYBJÖRN Baby Carrier One, slipped Penny inside, and she didn’t fuss for a second. In fact, she seemed rather cozy, and super excited to explore the world from my perspective. She was happily babbling away. I felt so comfortable, that I wanted to tote her around all day in it, even though I had no where to be. As it turns out, Penny doesn’t hate carriers. We just needed the right one, and the BABYBJÖRN Baby Carrier One is it.

What separates the BABYBJÖRN Baby Carrier One from the rest is the quality, versatility, and support. For one thing, the click-in snaps are extremely impressive. They’re safe, so they won’t squeeze fingers little or big, and are easy to get on and off with one hand. The leg support, depending upon the direction baby is facing, are interchangeable with a quick swipe of the zipper. It was important to me that we place Penny in a carrier that had excellent support, so it was a relief to learn that the BABYBJÖRN Baby Carrier One was developed in collaboration with pediatricians to ensure a healthy fit from newborn age to 3 years old. While a major concern for many baby carrier wearers is the back support, it’s great to have ergonomic support that left my lower, mid, and upper back unscathed, and feeling good. The ease of getting baby in and out of this carrier is simple and quick- no grand production required. In fact, the front opens completely so that you can lift a sleeping baby without waking him or her. The carrier is compact and portable, with the ability to be rolled up when not in use, making it an ideal travel accessory. In every category, the BABYBJÖRN Baby Carrier One seems to excel, and totally exceeded my expectations.

The tagline on this carrier states, “One is all you need,” and I can definitely see why. The BABYBJÖRN Baby Carrier One takes into account all of the features one would look for in a carrier, to create a super product that will go the distance.



Seeing spots? For a limited time, BABYBJÖRN  has made their fabulous gear even more fun with their limited edition Dots by Karin collection. The Dots collection features fun black and white polka dots on their classic gear like the One Carrier, the We Carrier and the Balance Soft Bouncer. The Dots collection is available exclusively at for a limited time so jump online to today to make sure you don’t miss out on this fun print that makes must have baby gear even more fashionable. As a bonus, is having a sale and the Dots collection is currently 10% off!


When it comes to a fantastic bouncer, BABYBJÖRN really hit the mark with their Balance Soft Bouncer. This must have piece of gear is available in 9 great color combinations and 3 material options (cotton, mesh or organic cotton). But more than just a pretty face, this Bouncer is a great way to keep your little one happy and safe. The Balance Soft Bouncer has head and back support and the fitted fabric seat allows the Bouncer to mold itself to your baby’s body and evenly distribute their weight making it a safe and cozy place for your little one to play in right from birth. Once your child learns to sit upright the Bouncer can be easily adjusted to accommodate their new developmental stage and once your child can walk and sit down on their own, the Bouncer fabric can be turned around to make a comfortable chair that they can use through 2 years old. The Balance Soft Bouncer is a piece of baby gear that truly does grow with your child.

More than just a convenient and safe place to put your little one when you need an extra set of hands, the Balance Soft Bouncer has a fun and natural bouncing movement that helps babies develop their motor skills and balance. Best of all, because the Bouncer works with baby’s natural movement no batteries to replace!

One of the best things that the BABYBJÖRN Bouncer has given me is the ability to take relaxing showers. My little Noah loves to be held and close to me all the time so showers were always a dashed affair where I had to decide between comforting a crying baby and rinsing out my conditioner. Now with the BABYBJÖRN Bouncer I can easily and safely keep my son in the bathroom with me while I shower. BABYBJÖRN even makes great toys that clip on to the bouncer for extra entertainment. He loves that he is close by to me and can bounce himself to his heart’s content and I love that I can shower without worrying that he’s going to crawl away. My little man is so content in his bouncer in the bathroom with me I just may be able to lather, rinse AND repeat! As a bonus, the Bouncer is so lightweight it’s a cinch to grab it and bring it along with you as you move around the house.

I love that the Balance Soft Bouncer folds flat when not in use so it doesn’t take up any more space in my apartment that is has to, which is a key feature for space conscious parents or anyone who doesn’t want it to look like their baby has taken over their home. I also love that the Bouncer grows with your little one and can work as a chair until they are two years old so unlike a lot of baby gear you can get real use out of it as your baby quickly grows and flies through their developmental milestones.

To get your own amazing BABYBJÖRN Carrier One or Balance Soft Bouncer visit them online or check them out on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Pinterest.

Written by Jessica & Samantha with help from our official gear testers Penny & Noah.

Samples provided for review. Opinions expressed solely ours.



One (1) lucky Lady and the Blog reader will win a Baby Bjorn Balance Soft Bouncer!

Baby Bjorn Balance Soft Bouncer!

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