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The BabyBjörn Comfort Carrier

The BabyBjörn Comfort Carrier arrived at my door just in the nick of time and it’s my new favorite. Quite suddenly, my 9 month old daughter has become very heavy in every carrier I have. Each one, no matter how I fiddle and adjust, I end up with sore shoulders or an aching back or both. This new carrier from BabyBjörn, however, feels perfect all the time. No matter how long I carry her in it, it feels just as good as when I first put it on.

Designed to carry larger children in comfort, the Comfort Carrier truly does the job.  The carrier is meant to carry your baby once he or she starts getting a bit too big for your infant carrier or beginning at 3 months. Unlike carriers that are designed to hold small infants or those that are designed to work as both front or back carriers, the Comfort Carrier is designed to hold larger children in a front carry only, though like all BabyBjörn carriers, the child may face in or out. The carrier allows 2 leg positions when facing in, straight down like the original BabyBjörn or with a wide seat position that puts the child’s legs in a more natural and comfortable position. To access the narrower leg position option or for facing out, you just unzip a panel on the front, perfectly simple. The waist belt and padded shoulder straps work together to spread the weight evenly over both hips and shoulders. It adjusts to fit securely and really feels supportive. Another feature that really works well to get the carrier into the most comfortable position is the sliding back buckle, probably my favorite part. The straps adjust to a very wide size range and are quite easy to use, plus the loops on the belt for excess straps are a nice touch. It’s even easy to adjust the straps enough to breastfeed in the carrier without any difficulty, a must for me.

The BabyBjörn Comfort Carrier is not only easy to use and extremely comfortable, it’s attractive as well. Available in Anthracite, you will feel perfectly comfortable wearing this carrier, male or female. It’s simple, straightforward and won’t look out of place with whatever you’re wearing. The carrier is made from certified Organic cotton and is Okeo-Tex certified, which means it’s safe for your baby to wear, sleep against or suck on, nothing harmful here. It retails for $199.95, is machine washable and comes with an attachable bib to protect the upper part of the carrier from teething, drooling or just plain messy babies.

The BabyBjörn Comfort Carrier is recommended for use with weights from 13 pounds to 30 pounds. My daughter is just over 20 pounds and she no longer feels closer to 50 pounds as she does in my other carriers.  Her weight is evenly distributed, she’s very comfortable and happy and I can wear her for hours without any discomfort. The carrier is just as comfortable with my 23 month old son, so I know we’ll be using it for quite awhile. I love how functional it is, I love that it uses Organic cotton and I love that it looks great too. This is a terrific carrier, easy to use, safe for your baby and endlessly comfortable.

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* BabyBjörn provided a sample for review.


Tuesday 2nd of April 2013

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