Are You Friends With Old Boyfriends On Facebook?

I thought this was a great question because I have a feeling that people are going to be pretty passionate one way or the other. I don’t “friend” old boyfriends on Facebook. I don’t know why… but I just feel like if I didn’t work out with us then it didn’t work out with us! I can safely say there isn’t a boyfriend in my entire network (at least I don’t think so LOL)

Would love to know if you feel the same way? Or are you on the other side of the fence?

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  1. G wrote:

    I didn’t have any “boyfriends” before meeting my fiance (only two guys I kissed once)… but there was a guy (one of whom I kissed) who I loved, and who loved me.. when I started my relationship with my fiance, I removed him.. although he was my best friend, I didn’t want to be disrespectful to my fiance. Plus, I knew he still had feelings for me (although he refused to have a relationship) and I didn’t want to taunt him with pictures etc… My fiance on the other hand has had girlfriends (quite a few) and I had to remove them from his facebook/msn myself.. he insisted that he forgot they were there.. who knows. Either way, I didn’t want them to see any pictures of us, or know anything about our relationship because they had their time and it didn’t work out. So, answer is: no way. It’s not appropriate or respectful.

    Posted 4.10.12
    • Vera wrote:

      yeah i feel the same way

      Posted 4.10.12
  2. Naomi wrote:

    Well I have my ex’s listed as friends on facebook, but I think it all depends on the situation and how the relationship ended and how much time has passed. Ive never been in a relationship with someone that ended badly so I dont know what I would do in that situation but my fiance doesnt care, hes not concerned about them being on my friends list and Im the same way with his facebook interactions. As long as youre honest about everything and dont keep it a secret then who cares?! It was a long time ago and he obviously doesnt mean anything to me, we’ve both moved on and are civil. If you friend them and then hide it from your partner then thats cause for concern, IMO.

    Posted 4.10.12
    • Vera wrote:

      good point too

      Posted 4.10.12
  3. I am only friends with one ex-boyfriend on Facebook. He’s my very first boyfriend ever and somehow we managed to stay on friendly terms for over 20+ years. My currently boyfriend contacted me via linkedin, he was someone I dated briefly 14 years ago and we are giving it another try.

    Ah social media! LOL 🙂

    Posted 4.11.12

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