Anyone A Fan Of David Venable From QVC? I AM! Here’s My Interview

A few weeks ago, I wrote about how I am OBSESSED with the cooking shows that air on either QVC or HSN. Well, my absolute favorite host is David Venable. I’ve been watching him for YEARS. Even my husband gets into it with me.

Well, as luck would have it, his PR rep and I got in touch over email and I was allowed to submit several questions to the host about his time with QVC.
1. David, how do you bake two recipes that require two heat settings in an oven, but need to be served warm at the same time?
When baking two different items that call for different temperatures, use the lower of the two temperatures. Bake both and make sure the item that calls for a higher temperature stays in the oven longer. It’s important to keep an eye on the second item and make sure it doesn’t over bake or become dry.

2. David, what is the best way to chop onions without crying?
Onions can make you cry because of a gas that is released upon cutting which can irritate your tear ducts and make your eyes water. To eliminate tears, soak the onions in water before slicing. You can also cut the bulb out of the onion. The bulb is accessed from the root side of the onion and contains the most gas. Eliminate the bulb, eliminate the tears.
3. David, what is your must have cooking accessory that saves you the most time and effort?
My must-have item in the kitchen is a food slicer or mandolin. There are many options and they save so much time when it comes to food preparation. I love to cook but I don’t love to cut and prep food. These slicers are a big help.

4. David, what is the one cooking accessory you can’t live without and that we all need?
I love my 10″ open skillet and use it every day. I think everyone needs a few great skillets. From eggs at breakfast to a grilled cheese for lunch to sautéed vegetables for dinner—a functional skillet is a must. I prefer hard anodized with a non-stick interior.

5. David, what is your favorite quick and easy vegetable dish, and what tips can you share that make it easy to prepare?
I am a BIG fan of broccoli. I love the taste and texture. Plus, the dietary fiber found in broccoli is an added benefit. I always buy fresh broccoli and wash it well with cool water. To cook, I use a steamer and then I usually add some aromatics. I love steaming broccoli with chicken stock instead of water. I also like to use water infused with fresh lemon. Be careful not to steam the broccoli too long. As soon as it turns bright green and is slightly tender, serve it up!

6. David, what is your advice for prepping meals during the weekend for the week ahead?
I prefer to cook large meals on Saturday or Sunday and use leftovers throughout the week. For example, a pot roast today can turn into stew or beef pot pie tomorrow. Remember, sauce, chili and stews are great to freeze for future meals. Cook big when you have time and use leftovers as timesavers later in the week or month.

7. I LOVE when you eat something and your eyes cross out of sheer bliss. It always puts a smile on my face. What is the best thing you’ve ever tasted on air?
I have tasted so many wonderful things on QVC and there are several culinary moments that stick out. I love Junior’s Cheesecakes, St. Clair Foods Chicken and Dumplings, and of course the Corky’s BBQ Pork Ribs!

YUM! To learn more about David Venable, click here. Want to pick up the items David mentioned in the interview, click here!!

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  1. lizzys wrote:

    Love David from forever!!!…QVC has great cooking pieces

    Posted 4.19.11
  2. Lia Quinlan wrote:

    Thanks for bringing this interview to your blog!!! David Venable is also my favorite and my family’s favorite to watch on QVC. I think that’s because he doesn’t hit you with a “hard sell” he seems like a good old friend from next door! And like you, I also enjoy cooking segments on QVC and HSN. I guess I could have worse habits! Thanks again 🙂

    Posted 4.26.11
  3. Thanks for the interview with david. I watch his shows every week. My husband and I watch In the kitchen with David. He rocks!

    Posted 4.26.11
  4. Great questions! (PS, I love those faces he makes too.)

    Posted 4.26.11
  5. beth wrote:

    hi david you are my favorite show host david i love watching in the kitchen with david on wednesday evenings and sunday afternoons your in the kitchen shows are very interesting david have a great week david

    Posted 4.26.11
  6. angelique lerner wrote:

    hello was wondering if maybe someone could help me.. imtrying to get an email to email David and cant seem to find anything.. My mother loves him and I know it mught be a long shot but Im trying to get a signed picture from him to my mother for Mothers Day 🙂

    Posted 4.28.11
  7. fritter wrote:

    Ah! Thanks for this interview! I just recently liked him on FB and enjoy reading his feeds.
    (TykeRider comment)

    Posted 5.19.11
  8. Loretta wetzel wrote:

    I love watching david, Sunday and Wednesday. Wish he was on qvc more than that!
    Love ya in south Philly!!!!!!!!,,,

    Posted 10.21.13

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