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An Adventure With Nate Berkus And A Look At His New LG Appliance Line @LGUS @NateBerkus


Last week, I had the opportunity to fly down to Dallas, Texas for 24 hours and go antique shopping with Nate Berkus. You did too? Crazy coincidence! I know that when spoken out loud, my life is completely bizarre. But how could I resist? After all, you know that my love affair with my new LG Steam Dishwasher and LG Door in Door Refrigerator is FOR REAL.  I was super curious about how the appliance brand teamed up with the mega designer.

But first we went antiquing and I had a ton of fun. Now… let me say this. I don’t have the eye. You, know what I’m saying. T-H-E E-Y-E that designers have for great finds among the rough. My house is OK. It’s not a MESS. Well, it IS a mess but that’s because I have three kids. I mean the decor is DECENT. But it’s not finished. It’s not polished. It just is. A comfortable home that we live in that feels like it’s missing something but works just fine. I guess that’s how I would describe it all.

So, while everyone else was hunting for the gems and the masterpieces. I was focusing on…


random baby doll parts because… wow


This super awesome old school Telephone booth that I wanted to steal and put in my basement. How fun!


This functioning Wheel of Love carnival game that I swear I played 9,000 times while I was younger. If I had a quarter right then and there I would have done it again. Addicted!!


But not Nate! Nate was a man on a mission and he was finding some incredible pieces. We went to 5 antique shops and he got lucky each time.


Only when we went to a regular shop did I end up purchasing something. I bought this pillow for my friend who is from Texas but lives in NY.


And how super cool are these travel coffee tumblers?


The one purchase I am kicking myself for not getting – this AMAZING quote from Emily Dickinson. Why NOT have a big life, right?



Antiquing with @nateberkus #boomerang #woot #lgstudio

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After we had a fun afternoon, it was time to check out the MAJOR unveil! Nate Berkus teamed up with LG and created a sleek and chic appliance line that will make any woman want to redo her kitchen.

Screen Shot 2015-10-30 at 2.33.35 PM
Screen Shot 2015-10-30 at 2.38.07 PM

The visuals speak for themselves. The LG products are ALREADY top of the line. I can attest to that. But thanks to the stronger lines and sophisticated stylized control panels/knobs/handles – they just seal the deal. You don’t think about these small details when making a purchase but they change the way you FEEL about the product.

Nate created timeless appeal — you won’t have to worry about an upgrade anytime soon. And thanks to his creativity, these appliances will go with any decor. Built-in cooktop units and single and double wall ovens complement your cooking preferences as well as your aesthetic standards.

For more information about the line, click here.

*LG invited me to Dallas to learn more about the Nate Berkus Collaboration. All opinions are my own.

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