A Visit To Universal Orlando With The Family: Trip Filled With Memories And Muggle Magic

Universal Orlando Universal Orlando was a trip of a lifetime. We had such a GREAT TIME when we visited last month and I am so happy to share these photos and memories with you. Do you have a Harry Potter fan living in your house? I do! Check out Natalie wearing her Gryffindor robe. LOVE IT! I’m a little upset I didn’t get one for me looking back at this tidbits.

Universal Orlando

As soon as you enter the park, you feel like you’ve walked right onto a movie set. I like amusement parks that offer a lot more than just rides and Universal Orlando has something everywhere you turn. Check out this photo opp with Jaws. Caleb didn’t know what to think of it! Thank goodness my other two children are used to me and my campy ways. My young Mets fan will soon learn our ways…

Universal Orlando

Speaking of movie sets, we actually DID walk onto a LIVE one. I thought it was fake and part of the show… but it was actually Sharknado 3!!!!! WHAT?! You know I was trying to sneak in with my homemade SAG card for a walk on. I almost flipped when I heard the news. But alas… these people had security guards and were prepared for folks like me. UGH. Why?!!!!

Universal Orlando

The world of Harry Potter starts off pretty quietly. If you aren’t a DIE HARD, you might think that you just stumbled onto a London street.  But fans will recognize this street immediately. Before we turned into Diagon Alley, we let our little ones run around and enjoy the open space. Because once you turn into the magic quarters, you are transported instantly to another world.

Universal Orlando

Boom. Magic.

I mean – are you kidding me. Left me breathless. I walked in and my jaw dropped. Now, know this – I am a Harry Potter fan. So, this was absolutely amazing for me. But even if you aren’t OBSESSED, you will be BLOWN away. Every detail- every item – every brick – is there because Universal Orlando wants it to be. This Harry Potter section is PERFECT. I can’t say it any other way. It is PERFECT!!!!!! See that dragon?


Universal Orlando

Of course the main attraction – – Harry Potter and the Escape From Gringotts – is SO MUCH FUN. As you wait on the line you actually feel like you are IN the movie. Just LOOK at what’s behind NATALIE! The bank tellers!! (and yes, they move)

The ride was just as you’d expect. Action packed, twists and turns, spins and flips – with a storyline that keeps you hanging on waiting for more.

Universal Orlando

And if you are someone who is looking for tiny tidbits from the movie to show up as you walk around the amusement park, then you are in luck. Your family can get squirted by the merpeople and enjoy some Gilly Water! Am I speaking french to you? This should all make sense!!! You are my PEOPLE – I know you know what I am saying!!!


When we were done with the Harry Potter section, we continued onto enjoy the rest of the park. Universal Studios offers a little bit of everything. Whether it’s fighting aliens at MIB…


Or a little something for the adults in the Simpson area – yes DUFF BEER. Bill would NOT leave without having a glass. I mean, we’ve been watching The Simpson for over 20 years… or is it 30? He HAD to have a DUFF BEER!!


And then of course… there was this. Fork for measurement. The best donut on the planet. It was soft and warm and delicious and I still dream about it at night. You have to have a donut in Homer’s honor, right?????



And then – probably the greatest moment of my son Caleb’s life… the moment he met Spongebob. It was insane. He watches a billion of these cartoons a day. In fact, he’s watching one RIGHT NOW. We went back on the Spongebob line about three times because I knew that this was everything!!!!!! Caleb got to run around the store and sit in that famous chair, knock on Squidward’s chair and take home some nice souvenirs.   What a treat!

For more information about Universal Orlando, click here. To check out our time over at Island of Adventures, click here. Want a great Orlando hotel recommendation? I have one for you!

* company provided tickets for review


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