A Visit To Avon’s Research And Development Facility To Learn About Their Lotus Shield

I visited Avon’s Research and Development facility in Suffern, NY and learned about their newest haircare product, the Lotus Shield. I also went on a tour of the building and saw the inside workings of how they make some of their coolest products. Avon is over 125 years old and they pride themselves on providing high quality products that are also super affordable. Avon’s Research and Development Facility is where all the real magic happens. Scientists test every aspect of the product, including how well they stand up to shipping conditions to ensure that consumers are satisfied with what they get.

The tour was mainly focused on Avon’s Advanced Techniques Frizz Control Lotus Shield. This is a lightweight leave-in formula that combats frizz by dispelling humidity. What’s unique about this is that one application can last through 3 washes! The lotus leaf was the inspiration behind this product because it never absorbs water. Moisture just rolls right off the leaf. Avon basically mimicked the properties of the leaf and tested it in controlled conditions in their high-humidity rooms (we saw one of these rooms and no-one dared go in, it was so humid!) as well as with women in different parts of the country and of different nationalities. Avon’s high humidity rooms can mimic rain-forest-like conditions for testing, as well. Scientists also showed us how the water rolls off the hair, when the Lotus Shield is applied to it.

Besides getting a thorough tour of everything to do with the Lotus Shield, we also visited the Color Lab, where they mix colors for makeup, the Hair Evaluation Lab, where they simulate conditions like vigorous shaking of the head to test products (for the head-bangers among us), the Hair Salon, where hair stylists test the products on real women and the Color Library, where TONS of colors are cataloged for easy retrieval when deciding on trends. The building itself was so beautiful! With glass walls and beautiful images, like lipsticks and fashion faces emblazoned on the inside walls, Avon makes sure their scientists have a fun place to work.
My favorite room was the Think Tank. It looked like a tank, except the furniture was gently colored and conducive to conversation. Our tour guide told us they have meetings there. How cool! We also got a chance to see other products that are hitting the market, like nail polish that you peel off and stick on and lipstick and lipgloss in one tube.
The Lotus Shield is available at www.avon.com as well as from your trusty Avon representative.
Written by Tabitha

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