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A Teen’s Guide To Disney: How To Travel With Teens And Tweens

I asked my daughter and one of her friends what they were most looking forward to doing before we all headed down to Disney. I think a lot of what is posted on the Internet revolves around toddlers and the parks. But we all know that families age… and so do their children. In fact, I think the majority of the content that I am going to focus on moving forward will be geared towards parents of tweens and teens. Afterall, that’s where I am currently in my life cycle, right?!

Anyway, I sat down these two beautiful young ladies and I asked them what they were most excited about and their answers helped me plan out our stay in Florida. Obviously, the main concern was staying together. An absolute given! But if you are curious about which fast passes you should try to snag before working on your daily plans, check out the above video. Everything I thought was wrong!

Do you have any teens that are heading down to Disney? Need to make family travel plans and SOON!? I hope this quick post will help you decide on an itinerary that will work for everyone.

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