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A Smart TV For My Smart Home: LG Super UHD TV With AI ThinQ® @LGUS @BestBuy

We finally upgraded our television and BOY did we pick a good one! What brand did we opt for? The new LG SUPER UHD TV with AI (Artificial Intelligence) ThinQ® and we got it from Best Buy. It has truly become the center of our smart home. It’s funny because as the years progress, my husband and I are finding that more and more of our devices are talking to one another – making it so easy to manage everything at once. This new television has become a hub for just that! Not only am I able to watch my favorite movies, listen to my favorite tunes, and check on today’s weather… but I am also able to adjust my lights, heat, and turn on my vacuum. I mean – total bliss! All thanks to the system’s Intelligent Voice control, I’m able to literally speak into the LG Magic Remote and watch my every request unfold. The name “Magic Remote” is truly fitting.

I want to break down some of my favorite features just in case you are in the market for a new smart TV. The LG SUPER UHD TV with AI (Artificial Intelligence) ThinQ has the α7 (Alpha7) Intelligent Processor which works in tandem with the Nano Cell™ Display. What does that mean exactly? It means that this puppy delivers truer colors, deeper black levels and a wider viewing angle. I’m talking dazzling 4K detail! Who needs to go to the movies anymore? Just pop a bag of popcorn and enjoy the show!!

Google Assist And More:

*Service limited to certain languages. Some features require 3rd party service subscription. Google Home and Amazon Alexa devices sold separately.

*Google Home and Amazon Alexa devices sold separately.

Here’s what I love the MOST about the LG SUPER UHD TV. It has Google Assistant built in which allows me to control my smart home devices by just using my VOICE. The Google Assistant works with more than 5,000 smart devices across hundreds of popular brands making it easier to control smart speakers and other devices connected via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. You can find the best entertainment, or ask the Assistant to change the light settings, adjust the room temperature, and more.

Is it getting chilly in your living room? Change the temperature without moving an inch. Have an air purifier that you need to turn off because it’s getting too noisy? Ask you Google Assistant! What about your smart lighting you ask? Yes, that too! It doesn’t stop there either —  With the Google Assistant built in, simply press and hold the mic button and ask your horoscope if you are into that kind of thing!

Are you a gamer? COOL!  With LG’s proprietary ThinQ, users can immediately connect to external gaming consoles and sound bars (“Connect to soundbar”), they can switch picture mode (“Change to Cinema Mode”) or turn the TV off at set times. I’m telling you, this TV makes living pretty easy.

And what about that design? I love how sleek it all is! The LG SUPER UHD SK9000 TV features a distinctive minimal design with a metallic body that offers clean lines and sleek curves for understated elegance that turns heads, even when it’s powered off. BAM! It’s like art… for techies.


Other Features:

Picture Quality & Viewing Experience

  • α7 (Alpha7) Intelligent Processor : The α7 Intelligent Processor provides a more lifelike picture with superior depth, sharpness, and remarkably accurate color. Previously available only on LG OLED TV, α7 is now inside LG SUPER UHD TVs with AI ThinQ, enhancing 4K HDR content for a truly cinematic experience.
  • Full array local dimming: Full array local dimming results in better picture quality. This more precise local dimming control enhances the contrast and maintains deep black levels while reducing light bleed.
  • Nano Cell™ Display: Nano Cell™ Display has an expanded color gamut to deliver truer colors. It also absorbs unwanted light and reduces reflectivity to assure deeper black levels, even at a wide viewing angle.
  • 4K Cinema HDR: LG SUPER UHD TV with AI ThinQ features comprehensive support of major high dynamic range formats including Dolby Vision™ HDR from the cinema, as well as HDR10 and HLG, both with LG’s advanced tone-mapping technology that provides scene-by-scene optimization
  • Ultra Luminance Pro: Picture quality becomes even more dynamic with Ultra Luminance Pro, which uses smart power distribution technology to boost peak brightness even higher. This increases the overall contrast ratio to give movies and TV shows a bold appearance not previously possible.
  • Dolby Atmos: A leap forward from surround sound, Dolby Atmos transports you with moving audio: crickets chirping all around, a monster roaring from behind, or a plane soaring overhead. Dolby Atmos content creates a more detailed sound experience that appears to come from everywhere for a wonderfully realistic, immersive experience that puts you inside the story.

*Dolby, Dolby Atmos and the double-D symbol are registered trademarks of Dolby Laboratories.


With LG’s simple and fast webOS Smart TV platform, the LG SUPER UHD SK9000 TV offers users more HDR and 4K content options than ever before. A TV with Artificial Intelligence deserves a remote control that borders on magic. Zip to the content and features you want with a flick of the wrist and press of a button. Control connected devices, and speak into the integrated microphone to do more with intelligent voice recognition.

Disclaimer: Service limited to certain languages. Some features require 3rd party service subscription

For more information about the  LG Super UHD TV With AI ThinQ, be sure to visit Best Buy today.

Disclaimer: Please check with content providers for both required bandwidth to stream videos. Smart service on product is subject to change. Some apps that appear on the screen image may not be preinstalled; internet connection is required for download.

Shannon Gurnee

Friday 31st of August 2018

Wow - this sounds like a really awesome tv! I would love one of these for our family!

katrina m gehman

Wednesday 29th of August 2018

awesome TV. ive been wanting to upgrade the one in the bedroom and may just do that. this one has great specs.


Wednesday 29th of August 2018

We are in the market for a new TV and this one looks amazing! I so need to check this out for our home!

Toni | Boulder Locavore

Tuesday 28th of August 2018

This is so cool! Love those amazing features!


Tuesday 28th of August 2018

This has got to be the coolest television I've ever seen. It has and does everything! My kids that game will love it's features for gamers.

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