A Season Of Concerts


If I was hoping to see my children perform in a concert this season, I got my wish! We had 7 concerts to attend between Thanksgiving and Christmas break. My children attend three different school and are all in different classes – so I can understand the number. But my goodness – we could barely keep up! In fact, we thought they were confused at times because we couldn’t fathom another concert on the books! However, it was all true.

Running from one auditorium to another made me realize just how blessed we truly are.

I’m not going to get political on you all, but our world state is chaos. There’s not a better word to describe it. I’m sitting here watching the news with Caleb beside me and waiting for a bombing or a shooting or a stabbing or a truck massacre to take over my screen.  It’s just not unusual anymore. What’s unusual is that I don’t think it’s unusual. That is what scares me these days.

So, the moments when life takes me away from the tube and places me in front of something so innocent and something so pure – I am thankful for them. I embrace them.

Caleb’s school is my absolute favorite. Before the children sang, we prayed a bit and I fought back hysterical outcries because the Word of the Lord truly hit home. Made me see the peace and comfort and warmth and love and safety that my family gets to experience daily without an afterthought.   

And then to hear the children sing their songs and to forget their words and to giggle along with their best friends — allowed me to forget the horror that is happening in the real world.

You become caught in the moment. You become small again. You become present. Your breathing slows and you see your life for what it is – beautiful. How blessed my family is. I don’t take that for granted. Do you?img_4591Liam doing his thing brought laughter last week. My goodness how time is flying for my middle boy. We had to hear his kazoo all week long and then he lost it moments before heading on stage. So, that meant he was one of the only people on stage to not have an instrument. That’s ok – we heard enough of him practicing his tunes. It WAS funny though!


And then Natalie – morning chorus singing Festive songs with friends. It was beautiful to hear. Caleb was a handful, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.


In the end, these three kids keep us busy. They keep us running from one event to the other. They keep showing us a love for music and a passion for learning. They keep this family alive. We had a season of concerts and I was so thankful for it.

Nothing beats the sounds of children singing.

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