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A New Mom’s Ultimate Baby Gear Guide, Part III: Fashion Essentials for the New Mom

Part III Fashion

Jessica and Samantha here again to combine our product testing skills with our roles as new moms to help you find the best, most functional, must-have baby gear to make your life easier as a new mom.

In A New Mom’s Ultimate Gear Guide, Part I we covered Eat, Drink, Stroll and Play. In A New Mom’s Ultimate Gear Guide, Part II we covered the Nursery, Swings, Sleep and More. Now that we’ve covered all of the gear for the baby that’s going to make your life as a new mom easier what about you? Dressing as a new mom, especially if you’re breastfeeding, presents it’s own array of challenges, but have no fear, we’ve got you covered with some essential fashion pieces to add to your new mom wardrobe. We’ve reviewed pieces that will help you look your best and keep you comfortable starting with your hospital stay and covering you back home and out in the world. Our goal after we had our babies was to look fashionable while having some practical support for our breastfeeding needs while away from home and these are the products that make that happen for us.



First up, the hospital stay. Once your bundle of joy arrives you are going to want to freshen up and look cute for the hundreds of pictures you’re going to take and Belabumbum helps to you look cute, while staying comfortable. Belabumbum pieces are 100% pima cotton which means they are soft against your skin and for cuddling your new baby while still washing well use after use. I had a lot of visitors who wanted to come and meet my son when he was born, and while I wasn’t quite up to getting dressed to go out and about, I felt so much more together to be receiving visitors in my cute Belabumbum pajamas and robe.

Pictured above, the Mei Collection, is the perfect blend of fashionable and feminine. The Mei Nursing Chemise (above left) retails for $62 and provides easy access for the nursing mom. The Mei Robe (above center) retails for $62 and is great to throw over any of the other pieces when you need a little more coverage or just want to feel extra snuggly. Finally, the Mei Nursing Cami and Pant (above right) retails for $75 and also provides easy access for nursing and looks great paired with the Mei Robe for those nights in the hospital that can get a bit chilly. Belabumbum has a wide array of styles in a rainbow of colors and prints to suit every new mom’s taste and have her looking her best in the hospital and back home with her little one. Even cooler, most prints are also available in matching gowns for baby.

Why We Love It: In the early stages of breastfeeding, anything that gives you easy access to nurse the baby is a must-have and let’s be honest, in the early weeks there’s a decent chance you will be spending a lot of time in your pajamas so you might as well be comfortable and look cute while you’re at it. Bonus points to Belabumbum for all of the cute robes that have matching gowns for baby to give those hospital pictures with your new baby an extra sweet touch.

Visit Belabumbum online to pick up your own fashionable loungewear or check them out on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest.

Bravado Bras


Not your mother’s drab nursing bra! Bravado’s selection of nursing bras show they know what breastfeeding moms need and want: comfortable bras with easy to open full access for that essential skin-to-skin contact in gorgeous styles that make you feel fabulous. Bravado nursing bras include their patented Flexi-Fit Support Channel that gives flexible support and lift to the breasts while maintaining comfort and good breast help. Bravado bras come in a wide range of sizes and both wire-free and underwire versions so you’re certain to get the perfect nursing bras for your shape and your needs. As a matter of fact, Bravado is so sure you will fall in love with their nursing bras, they also makes a $5.00 bra conversion kit to turn your bra into a regular bra once you’ve finished nursing so your investment into a great bra just got a whole lot more practical.

Pictured above, the Bliss with lace nursing bra which retails for $60.00, the Body Silk Seamless nursing bra pictured in Jungle Purple Print which retails for $49.00 and the Allure underwire nursing bra which retails for $54.00, all excellent options to meet your breastfeeding bra needs without making you feel frumpy.

Why We Love It: The selection of nursing bras from Bravado give you great support in both wire-free and underwire options and their easy to use snaps make it a cinch to open your bra for nursing with one hand, because let’s be honest, who has two free hands these days. As a wonderful and unexpected bonus, these bras look so cute, you’d pick these to make yourself feel fabulous even if they didn’t make nursing so easy.

Visit Bravado online to get the only nursing bra you’ll ever need or check them out on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest.

Bravado Tank

OUR FAVORITE NURSING CLOTHING: Bravado’s Essential Nursing Tank

This is hands down my favorite breastfeeding tool in my arsenal. When I was sent this “built in bra” tank to test out I was skeptical that the tank would give enough support to my curvy figure without another bra underneath but I was so happy to be proven wrong! The Bravado Essential Nursing Tank comes in wide range of bra cup based sizes (up to size G) and a seriously supportive bra under-layer that actually provide incredible support and shaping for every breastfeeding size and shape. But far from being just a pretty face, the Bravado Essential Nursing Tank comes in a broad array of colors from basic black to the gorgeous Mykonos blue and pairs perfectly with maxis skirts or jeans or is the perfect layering piece under a cardigan or button down shirt. As an added bonus, the body of the tank gives just enough compression to keep you looking taught without making you feel too squished in.

One of the key features of the Bravado Essential Nursing Tank is the easy access they provide for easy breastfeeding. Each strap has a snap that is easy to open for skin-to-skin contact but stay securely fastened when closed and are discrete enough that no one will know that you are in a nursing tank. Tanks wash and wear extremely well making them an indispensable part of your new mom wardrobe. The Bravado Essential Nursing Tank retails for $49.00-$60.00 depending on style and color.

Why We Love It: This tank is epitome of fashionable AND functional and an indispensable part of the breastfeeding mom’s wardrobe.

Visit Bravado online to get the nursing tank your wardrobe has been missing or check them out on TwitterFacebookInstagram or Pinterest.

unnamed (2)


Extending comfort to Mom after delivery, that is what Bellefit Maternity is all about. After a long, hard pregnancy, it takes time for the postpartum body to recover. Bellefit took the cake in comfort, form, and flexibility with its selection of corsets and girdles, and even assist with getting back into pre-pregnancy jeans quicker and easier.

Ready for use right when you get home from the hospital, we recommend purchasing at least two corsets/girdles. Knowledgeable customer service representatives are on-call to assist with sizing needs, and will even suggest going for two different sizes, as you may find yourself shrinking while using it! A number of styles are available to chose from, specifically designed to best meet your needs and postpartum recovery, whether you had a C-section or natural childbirth.

The science behind it makes this compression system a winner. Although women’s bodies are designed to bounce back after childbirth, we all know that’s easier said than done. The beauty behind Bellefit medical-grade postpartum support garments is that they provide a greater stability for the body after delivery. The compression garments work by drawing in stretched muscles to provide a 360° support structure around the torso, thus, reducing strain on ligaments and joints in the lower back, pelvis, and buttocks. In doing so, the reduced stress in these areas enhances the body’s ability to return to its pre-pregnancy alignment and shape, and gets that post-baby belly flatter, faster.

Why We Love It: We hope you have a good poker face, because it may be very tempting to take all of the credit for looking so great shortly after childbirth. This tried-and-true concept for postpartum bodies has seen a resurgence in popularity since Jessica Alba’s post-baby body method was revealed, and Bellefit Maternity is by far our compression system of choice based on overall fit, comfort, functionality, and outstanding customer service.

Visit Bellefit online to get your postpartum recovery on track or check them out on Twitter, Facebook or Pinterest.


NuRoo.jpg Resized


This nursing scarf is the ultimate chameleon and a must have for fashionable new moms nursing on the go. Each scarf is made with NuRoo’s signature fabric that is impossibly soft while still being lightweight and breathable. Snaps along either end of the scarf allow for customized coverage for discrete nursing in an endless option of styles and configurations including “The Vest” “The Tunic” “The Backdrop” and more (pictured above and on the NuRoo website). Scarves are machine washable and easily transform into two stylish “Scarf” configurations (pictured above, left) so your nursing scarf can become part of your outfit when not in use ensuring your nursing scarf is always close at hand when you need it and keeping you fashionable when you don’t.

Why We Love It: One of the toughest parts of nursing in public is keeping yourself covered while taking care of a wiggly baby and this NuRoo scarf solves this by giving you a range of nursing cover options to help keep you covered and comfortable while nursing no matter what you’re wearing that day and no matter what nursing position your little one wants to be in that day. As an added bonus, the scarf is so cute on its own you can wear it as a fashion accessory while not nursing which means it’s one less thing you have to dig our of your diaper bag when your baby decides it’s lunch time.

Visit NuRoo online to get the nursing scarf even your friends without babies are going to want to borrow or check them out on Twitter, Facebook or Pinterest.

Chewabeads.jpg Resized


When we first received the Chewbeads in the mail we did a double take that it wasn’t a product review for an upcoming fashion story, that’s how cute the jewelry from Chewbeads is. Chewbeads is a line of silicone jewelry that is super cute for mom but serves a sneaky double duty as a teething toy for baby so you always have a teething toy on hand when your baby wants to start chewing everything in sight. All Chewbeads products are safe for baby’s gums and emerging teeth and are made from 100% silicone and are free from BPAs, phthalates, lead, cadmium and metal. Even better they are dishwasher safe so keeping them clean is a snap.

Chewbeads features a wide range of styles of necklaces and bracelets all made from 100% silicone and perfect for the teething baby. Some of our favorite styles are the Waverly Necklace (above left) which retails for $34.50, the Skinny Charles Bangle (above center, left) which retails for $19.50 for a set of 3, the Mulberry Teether (above center, right) which retails for $16.50 and the Stanton Bracelet (above left) which retails for $16.50. These and the numerous other styles all come in several color options to mix and match and make you the most fashionable (and functional) mom on the block.

Why We Love It: We love when function and fashion intersect and Chewbeads are a perfect example of this. Even better, their reasonable price point means you can stock up of lots of different styles to match every outfit in your closet and stay fashionable while taking care of your baby’s needs.

Visit Chewbeads online to get the jewelry your teething toddler with like even more than you do or check them out on TwitterFacebook or Pinterest.

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Written by Samantha and Jessica with review help from our official gear testers Penny and Noah.

Samples provided for review. Opinions expressed solely ours.

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