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PS_LOGOI read this statistic recently that just blew my mind: 16 million children in America alone, struggle with hunger. That’s the population of Los Angeles, New York City, Philadelphia, and Chicago combined! As a mom to three, I really can’t imagine facing such an avoidable hardship, and what’s really disturbing is how this issue is so close to home. Since 1 in 5 children in our country face hunger every day, I just had to get involved, and have partnered up with Unilever Project Sunlight to support the “Share A Meal” initiative to help fight child hunger in America.

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Child hunger is often easy to miss- it can hit as close to home as affecting a neighbor, or even our children’s friends. It’s crazy to think how our own community and neighborhood can be struggling with this daily. With that in mind, Unilever Project Sunlight has come up with 8 Ways You Can Share A Meal:

  1. Host a dinner for a family in need. Gathering with neighbors, friends, and locals is a great way to share resources and learn more about others in your community.
  2. Packing an extra lunch. With one in five children in America facing hunger, your child’s classmates may very well be affected. Consider making an extra one to give to their teacher who may be able to pass it along to a child in need. Providing a child in your neighborhood with lunch for even one day makes a difference.
  3. Host a community potluck. With help from your local charities and food banks, organizing a potluck dinner aimed at feeding the hungry is a great way to feed a crowd.
  4. Organize a food drive. With Feeding America’s how-to guide and resources, putting together a local food drive that will benefit those in your community has never been easier. Find out how here.
  5. Volunteer at a food bank. When it comes to hunger, food banks are the heartbeat of helping those in need. In order to run, they need volunteers to organize, take inventory, distribute and beyond. With just a few hours of your time, you could make a big impact. Get volunteer information here.
  6. Organize a virtual food drive. Use social media, email and other technology to start a virtual food drive where everyone – not just those who live locally – can donate to. Click here for more information.
  7. Donate to Feeding America. For every dollar Feeding America receives, 10 meals are able to be distributed. Think about that: If you’re able to raise $100 with a charity drive, that’s 1,000 meals for hungry children and neighbors. Click here to donate.
  8. Tell us why you #ShareAMeal. Spreading the word about child hunger and encouraging others to help is what this is all about. Tell us why you’re sharing a meal on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or wherever your heart desires by completing this sentence.


Just by extending a helping hand, we can all make a major and noticeable impact in stomping out hunger, right before our very eyes. What are some ways you would help to end hunger? Be sure to check out https://www.projectsunlight.us for more ideas and ways you can get involved!

* I’ve teamed up with Project Sunlight to help spread the word about this initiative.

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