5 Reasons To Vacation At St. Regis Punta Mita in Mexico @stregispmita

I went to St. Regis Punta Mita for a mini-vaca and took some time to rest when I came back. Now, here are my top 5 reasons to go to St.Regis Punta Mita for your next vacation destination.

5) The Beach

This was my 3rd time heading to Mexico for this year alone. It was totally unplanned. Each time, I saw beaches that were beautiful. The beach off the St. Regis resort was hands-down the best. The water had very gentle waves. This means that you can play with your kids in the shallow area without fear of rough water or under currents. It’s also ridiculously clear and clean. The water was just transparent. It was so beautiful. We made it our duty to be on the beach for the sunset as many times as we could because it was so stunning. This is what paradise looks like in the movies.

IMG_0050 (Copy) IMG_0065 (Copy) IMG_0120 (Copy) IMG_0144 (Copy) IMG_0273 (Copy)

4) Exploring the towns close by

Let’s talk about the elephant in the room. Safety in Mexico is an issue. We wanted to enjoy our time but also be realistic about safety. We rented a car and ventured out during the day. The towns close by were so charming and we felt uber safe. We didn’t have any issues with it. These towns are very tourist-friendly so there were tons of bags, jewelry and souvenirs to purchase directly from Mexican vendors. We went to Sayulita and Bucerias. We ate dinner on the water both times at local restaurants and the food was delicious. The towns are great for exploring when your kids get a bit restless on the resort. All the places we went to were within 20 minutes driving distance from the resort.

IMG_0016 (Copy) IMG_0357 (Copy) (Copy) IMG_0406 (Copy) (Copy) IMG_0418 (Copy) (Copy)

3) The Herb Garden

We discovered the herb garden on our 3rd day and we fell in love. It’s not just about the herb garden, though. It’s about St. Regis’ commitment to great, fresh, healthy food directly from the earth to the table. There was so much land on the property and it was so good to see some of it dedicated to a garden.

IMG_0020 (Copy) IMG_0023 (Copy) IMG_0024 (Copy) IMG_0025 (Copy)

2) The Food

Imagine every food item you’ve ever eaten in your life. Now imagine it made with the highest amount of care and detailed attention. The result was every meal we had at Sea Breeze, the restaurant on the property. Some mornings, I overdid it so much on breakfast because I wanted to taste all of it. The food was perfectly prepared and presented.

IMG_0048 (Copy) IMG_0050 (Copy) IMG_0236 (Copy) IMG_0242 (Copy) IMG_0417 (Copy)

1) The Service

The biggest thing that stood out for me about St. Regis Punta Mita was the service. Firstly, there is no check-in counter. You can choose a seat in the luxe lobby to get checked in at. We chose to sit with the view of the ocean and the pools sprawled out in front of us. Chilled drinks were brought to us during check-in. This was an indication of how we were treated for the rest of the trip. We were assigned a 24/7 butler each day who checked in with us periodically and made sure everything was okay. While on the beach, the staff refilled our ice bucket and brought snacks to the people on the beach. There was also a masseuse table on the beach in case you get in the mood for a massage. The staff seemed genuinely happy to be there and to be working, which makes a difference. They gave us the inside deets on where to go in town. We had fun getting to know them and their lives in Mexico.

IMG_0057 (Copy)

St. Regis Punta Mita tends to get more kid guests during the holiday season. They’re ready for them, though, with a host of activities and a wonderful kids’ club. They center activities around weather. If it’s nice outside, they take the kids to the beach and do activities like swimming classes, scuba diving for kids, searching for shells, etc. If it’s too hot or raining, there are a host of games like pinatas and board games, in addition to Wii games and XBoxes, to keep the kids entertained. St. Regis has a way of maintaining a secluded, intimate environment so you don’t feel all over the other guests. Your kids can hang out with other kids as little or as much as they want.

St. Regis Punta Mita in Mexico is a beautiful location to take your family for a intimate vacation that promises to be relaxing and luxurious. It’s simply the epitome of paradise. Click here to read more about St. Regis Punta Mita.

Many thanks to the staff at St. Regis Punta Mita for an unforgettable honeymoon/working vacation.

Tabitha St. Bernard

Parts of this trip were complimentary. All opinions are 100% my own.

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  1. LizzyS wrote:

    totally agree…looks like a place to visit more than once. great photos too

    Posted 10.16.13
  2. Jill Amery wrote:

    The herb garden is to die for! And the blue nail polish in the water – awesome.

    Posted 10.28.13

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