5 Easy Ways To Get Your Kids Interested In Bath Time


5 Easy Ways To Get Your Kids Interested In Bath TimeIt’s time to take a bath.


It can’t just be me. My children love to get dirty but they hate to get clean. I don’t know what their problem is. I mean, if you offer me a bubble bath, I am ALL OVER IT.

Try me. Ask me to stop everything I’m doing and take a bubble bath right now and you know what you’ll get? HAPPY TEARS. But kids are different, I know. So, here are some easy ways to make bath time fun.

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1. Crazy Foam: It’s fun. It’s foam. They have really cool characters on the can. AND the best part? Crazy Foam is 3-in-1 which means that it’s shampoo and body wash and conditioner all in one. So, one squirt goes a long way.

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2. Boon Frog Pod Bath Toy Scoop: Not only is this a storage container but it’s removable and can be used as a scooper as well. The kids will have a blast playing with their toys, cleaning them up and then making a mess again.

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3. Play some music while you marinade: Bath time can be musical! Grab your phone and put on some tunes. Download your favorite songs and let it all ride as you watch your little one have fun with bubbles.

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4. Terrycloth Animal Puppets: Honestly, all three of my kids loved puppet bath shows. They loved it when I put the scene on and they loved it when they put the show on for me. These also double as wash mitts. So, this is a great purchase!

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5.  Caillou Bath Time with You Activity Set: We have this bath toy and Caleb LOVES IT. The hat comes off and acts as a cup and everything moves and comes apart. Great activity station.

What tips do you have for bath time? Anything work in your household that you’d like to share?


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