4th Of July Fun Or My Fearless Daughter (VIDEO)



We LOVE July 4th! Our town club throws such an amazing party and we look forward to it every year. It’s very laid back. The kids race around going on rides while the parents sit together and enjoy the patriotic music.


My daughter surprised me this year. Typically, she isn’t into daring activities and yesterday afternoon she was fearless!


Besides doing upside down flips for hours (the thought alone makes me nauseous), Natalie climbed this fake palm tree about a dozen times. Check it out!


Liam opted for the water slides and bouncy house alongside his best friend. We can never get these two apart. It’s so cute!




Bill and I got to hang out with friends and overeat.  My pants look ridiculously wrinkled. I swear I didn’t look like that when I left the house. EEK! In the end, it was a wonderful day.

How did you spend the 4th?


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