2017 Is My Year

2017 Is My Year

2017 is mine

Not because 2016 has some making up to do

Not because I am owed something

Not because it’s about time that the light shines my way…

2017 is mine because I say so.

2017 is owned.

It is controlled.

It is head down and waiting for a command.

It is sheepishly observing.

But I’m not ready to speak just yet.

So, this year can wait.


I am currently on vacation – literally.

Because that’s how I chose to start off this year.

With rest.

With peace

With my children’s toes in the sand.

With my skin soaking up some Vitamin D.

With waves crashing against my boat rocking me to sleep.

Oh yes, 2017 will sit at home and wait for me until I am ready to begin

Because once I do – we will never stop for a break.


My hustle is real.

My hunger is real.

My desire is real – to grow, to flex, to inspire

To feed the mind until it begs to learn things I didn’t even know existed.

2017 is going to be about experiences and relationships …

and broken ceilings and high risks…

and quiet dreams that I scream from my rooftop.


Because I can.


2017 is mine but I’m not selfish.

I’m not trying to hoard all of this time just for me.

Take some – as if you need my permission.






What will you do with it?

How will you grow?

Who will you inspire?

What will you feel?

Who will you become?

As I rise, you will rise.

As you rise, I will rise.


2017 doesn’t even know what we have in store, does it?

It just thinks tomorrow is another day.

Tomorrow IS a new day.

THE new day.

Tomorrow is everything.

Tomorrow is the morning sun.

The setting moon.

The rising tide.

The chance we’ve been waiting for.

Tomorrow is hope.

Tomorrow is now.


Oh, how the breeze will feel upon our cheeks once we set ourselves free.

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