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    My YouTube Kids Playlist Is Live! Come Check It Out!

    YouTube Playlist

    This is so super exciting!

    Ok, remember a few months ago when I headed out WEST and visited YouTube’s official headquarters? Well, I started a little relationship with them. I guess you could say we are dating. Listen, it’s not that serious, but I’m going to pretend it is because … it’s YouTube and I’m a vlogger. Give me a break.

    Anyway, they’ve asked me to create a playlist of all my favorite read-aloud stories for kids for their YouTube Kids app and it went live TODAY in honor of National Literacy Day! Super cool, right?!

    You can check out the full list here, or just head on over to the app and swipe through their main screen. The list will be featured for a few weeks.

    Guys, I’m doing the ugly cry over here in New York. The big ol’ ugly cry. This is major! Hope you like my picks — there’s even three read-aloud stories that I DID in the mix.

    Here (you know you are curious)

    Here (my daughter loves this one)

    and Here (holy accent)

    Of course I pick a book that has the word  “draws” in the title. Every time I say it, my whole body cringes. I get all QUEENS on everyone.

    Jeremy dddrrraaaaaaaaauuuugggghhhhhssssss a Monstah!


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