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Daily Diary: A Moment Captured

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I had such a wonderful time this afternoon. My daughter had a Girl Scout event that required us to meet up in Westbury Gardens. It was so beautiful! The grounds are just unbelievable. People take their wedding shots there and we were lucky enough to come across a couple in love.

Here’s the best part. Are you ready?

The happy couple asked the troop to be in one of their photos. Of course the girls all gathered around with HUGE SMILES! I tried so hard to grab the moment and I DID. Look at all those faces in the background.  They are slightly grossed out about the kiss but also slightly amused as well. The perfect combination!!

I almost died!! I want to frame this photo but that might be a tad bit strange to do because I have no idea who the adults are. If I put this shot on my wall, I think it would confuse everyone I know. LOL

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