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My Mini-Winter Vacation at Tradewinds Island Resorts


I was sitting in my room at the Tradewinds Island Resorts watching Sex and the City.  Above is the view from my room. This, for me, was the best thing ever. The view from my room was of half the resort, including the giant inflatable High Tide Water Slide that’s resting on the sand, as well as a spread of the ocean. My feet are up on the table (things you do at a hotel that you’d never do at home) and I’m sipping on a glass of wine. Life is perfect. And just like that…I let go.

View from the ocean of the resort.


The Tradewinds Island Resorts is a collection of resorts located on St. Pete Beach in Florida. Just 20 minutes from Tampa Airport, this resort is the perfect getaway for you and your family. One morning, I took a tour around the resort and discovered so many amazing features that makes this resort a great fit for families. Read on to find out the totally unexpected feature that I’ve never seen at any hotel or resort, ever.


Tradewinds Island Resorts is a sprawling place that includes 5 pools, a miniature golf area and paddle boats that span the width of the resort. Start at one end and paddle your way to the other. If you catch them at the right time, there are stark-white perfectly picturesque swans that float by. Tradewinds Island Resorts sits on St. Pete Beach, voted in 2012 to be the #1 beach destination in all of America. That’s right Miami and California. You lost! At Tradewinds Island Resorts, there are so many ways to just let go with your family. Do you want to sunbathe on the beach but your kids don’t have the necessary attention span for that? No worries! They can play tennis, miniature golf, get swim lessons and check out the Game Room Arcade. Strap them on to go Extreme Bungee Trampolining or get spun a million times in the Gyrosphere (just don’t eat right before doing it). During the summer, the resort offers the Splash Island Water Park on the beach. All year round, there’s that High Tide Water Slide, a giant inflatable slide. That can occupy the little ones for hours, while you keep an eye on them from one of the many pools. If you have teens with you, there are also activities for them. Try out the Speedboat Adventure Tour. There are 5 per day and the best part is that you can be the driver!

One of the 5 pools.


View of the resort from St. Pete Beach

Another beautiful pool shot.


My fiance insisted we find a gym. They had all the basic equipment so he was satisfied. How many times did I make it there? Zero.


One of the restaurants on the property.


The bedroom of our suite. The bedroom was actually down a little hallway from the kitchen and living room. It was like a mini-apartment.  Each room had a TV. I watched Sex and The City on one TV while my fiance watched sports on the other. Can it get any better than that?


The other room in the suite. We actually had 3 guests over during one of the days and we all hung out comfortably here. This makes it a perfect option for large family reunions.


One feature that absolutely touched me was that they are Autism-friendly. I used to work daily with people with intellectual disabilities and it gave me an inside view of life from their perspective. Some activities that I take for granted, people with autism can’t partake in. Tradewinds Island Resort is the FIRST place I’ve been to or heard of that labels itself as Autism-friendly. And it’s not just a catch-phrase. The Center For Autism and Related Disabilities recognized them as being Autism-friendly. Employees underwent C.A.R.D.’s training program to learn how to better meet the needs of guests who have autism and their families. They offer Gluten-free menu options, special sensory activities and free safety kits. I was just amazed when I heard this. I know from firsthand experience how challenging it can be travelling with people with disabilities and it’s really commendable that Tradewinds is going that extra mile to make sure that everyone…and they mean everyone…. has a great time there.

Tradewinds Island Resort!! How white is that sand?


Over the next few days, I’ll sharing tons of pics from my trip to Tradewinds Island Resorts. I’ll tell you more about their great features and all the fun stuff I did on my mini Winter vacation.

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