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A Little Late… But We Finally Made Jack O’ Lanterns

Like an ax murderer… that’s what Liam looked like while he was carving his pumpkin. Stabbing – yanking – ripping. Bill said he was a whole different boy. LOL! I love it.

The pumpkins were rotting a bit and Halloween is obviously over, but Hurricane Sandy pushed everything back quite a bit. The kids really didn’t care that we didn’t do it beforehand. They were just happy to get their hands dirty.

It was a little gross at times… or so Natalie thought. 🙂

Dig. Dig. Dig. Pay no attention to the rotting pumpkin. 🙂

Here are the final results. Natalie decided to put makeup on her pumpkin. Wish I knew which lipstick she used – because it needs to be cleaned / thrown out!

Liam’s version reminded me of a Halloween Movie. I really loved it!

To check out the rest of the set – click on the thumbnails below.

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