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We Are Upgrading To A King! What Do You Think Of This Pottery Barn Bed?

I think it’s pretty safe to say that you can tell I’m a bit… quirky. There are certain things I do that I KNOW are a bit insane. Most are hidden from the public. Only my poor husband knows the truth (lol).

One of my quirks revolves around the way I sleep. In a perfect world, I like to sleep on my side with my left arm spread forward. BUT I can’t do that on a queen because I have hyper extension in my elbows and I wake up in pain if my arms falls off the side because my elbows can’t stay bent in that unnatural position for long. (phew – long sentences are exhausting)

A king would alleviate that problem.

Each and every time I stay in a hotel, I literally sprawl out and around the king and sort of give it a little hug.

There you are!!! 😉

And then that night…  I sleep in the position my body loves with a smile on my face.

Anyway, I’ve always wanted a King sized bed. I have NO IDEA why we didn’t get one when we first got married. Maybe it was the money?? Either way, I’ve been unhappily sleeping on a queen for over 10 years.

Well, it’s time folks! We are doing it! We are getting a new bed. I’ve been all around the Internet looking for a design that I love and finally found this one from Pottery Barn. I like it for a few reasons.

  • Extra storage (hello!)
  • Different headboard
  • The color of the wood matches my current furniture (which I will not be replacing)

What do you think?? Is the headboard TOO different? Or do you think it looks good? I’m going to give it a few more days before I order it. Either way, I need to make a decision soon before my husband changes his mind!

And we still need to find someone to redo our walls. Haven’t forgotten about that – this year has spread me a bit too thin to work on this project. But I feel this summer a lot is going to happen to this house. 😉

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