Looking To Monogram Your Child’s Clothing? Here’s How With The Brother PE-500 (Video Series)

Literally, I live in a sea of Lily Pulitzer tunics all customized to display the initials of the children who wears them. But it doesn’t stop there – lunch boxes, beach bags and bathing suits – oh my!

All this embroidering can get very expensive – but lucky for us all Brother has come out with the PE-500. This embroidery machine will run you under $300 and save you BIG BUCKS on all your customization needs.

But if you are like me – you might be a little worried that you can’t handle this task at hand. Truthfully, I was freaking out a bit too – but once I actually did it, I saw that it was really easy!! I made a few videos for you to check out and will be posting them today and tomorrow.

I hope you check out the Brother PE-500 Embroidery Machine because the possibilities are endless.

Let’s get started with threading!! Here’s my first of four videos teaching you how to use the Brother PE500 – specifically how to thread your needle. It’s not hard!! By the end of the fourth video, I was whipping through this step like nothing.

But take a look and see what it is really like.

What do you think? Have you ever tried to use an embroidery machine? Do you like to personalize gifts for friends and family? How about customize lunch boxes and beach bags? The possibilities are endless!

*Brother has provided this machine to me, but the statements and opinions expressed here are my own.

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  1. I’m very much a beginner (just received my first ever embroidery machine yesterday!) and I can’t figure out how to do the traditional monogram and make the middle initial bigger than the others. Am I missing something or do you have to do them individually? Btw, I have the pe500

  2. actually, after hours of research i learned it is impossible to do a traditional 3 letter monogram with uploaded fonts – unless, you purchase additional software
    using fonts on the machine – hit adjustment, then size and you are able to enlarge one of the three letters

    1. Do you know what kind of software you could use to be able to do the 3 letter monogram?

  3. I have the Brother PE500 as well but apparently I need a software to monogram – to merge files together (I’m a beginner!). Did you have to buy a special software to monogram? If so, what’s it called? PS – videos are super helpful! Well done!

  4. I’m completely new to embroidery & have the Brother PE500 machine – I only saw your threading video, where are the other 3 you spoke of? Trying to see how to embroider bags & clothes… Thank you

  5. Hello everyone! I would also like to know how to do a traditional monogram with the larger middle initial. Can anyonemhelp?

  6. Hello I am also interested in knowing how to do the three letter monogram on my pe500 machine and also which software to purchase ?thanks so much

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