Beauty Tip: How To Take Your Shellac Manicure Off At Home (In Under 3 Minutes)

I’ve been loving shellac manicures for a few months now. I know it costs more than your average manicure, but you have perfect nails for 2 weeks straight!!! That is SO worth the money to me.

Anyway, yesterday I went to get my nails done and my manicurist said she wanted to take my nail polish off a different way. Typically, you have to sit and soak the shellac polish off, but this way is MUCH BETTER.

She took a cotton ball and submerged it in 99% acetone, placed it on my nail and then wrapped the whole thing with foil. After 2 minutes or so, she pulled each piece of foil off and removed the layer off with one easy scrape. They use a tool to push the polish off – you will need to buy this as well. It looks like this:

I’m pretty sure it’s the cuticle cutter. The flat side (top right).

If you wanted to try to take your shellac manicure polish off at home – here’s how! I haven’t personally tried it yet, but I can tell you that this method is a lot quicker than the soaking one.

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  1. I was going crazy yesterday trying to remove my shellac mani myself since I was going out and hadn’t had time to redo it yet. My friend told me to just file the back down a bit and polish over it in the meantime…which worked but I will definitely try this!

  2. I tried this and it took the shellac right off my nails. Thanks and I didn’t have to use a cuticle cutter i just used a nail file.

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