Got A Gel Manicure For The First Time: Lasts Two Weeks

Well, I guess it says UP to two weeks… which could pretty much legally mean a few days. UP TO. Darn their wording… darn it!

While I was getting a mani / pedi for BlogHer, I opted for the Opi Gel Manicure. It was a lot more ($35) and it took about 30 minutes to complete, BUT the woman said no chipping for about 2 weeks!!

Doing the math – it’s really not worth it. Even if I went once a week it would only cost me around $24 for 2 manicures ($12 at my location – but there are some that go as low as $7). However, I have 2 trips over the next 12 days and thought that I rather have nice looking nails and not deal with removing polish while on vacation.

Have you done a gel manicure before? I will let you know how it goes!!

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  1. rajean wrote:

    Vera, I’ve done this once. No complaints about the mani and it did last at least two weeks, frankly, a bit more. I got the blush/french-like manicure. Very pretty. But I learned the hard way that you should plan on going back to the salon to have a gel mani/pedi removed.

    I wasn’t told this, of course. I tried to remove it myself with marginal success. Luckily, the salon I went to only charged me $5 to remove the rest and it took them quite some time! I felt a bit thankful or guilty, so I had another mani (not gel) when I wasn’t planning on it to ‘repay or thank them’ for their effort.

    Posted 8.3.11
  2. Kathryn wrote:

    I had two gel manicures in a row – for Bloggy Boot Camp and a party. I also did not have them removed at the salon which was a MISTAKE. My nailbeds were a rough, nasty, weak mess. They are finally healthy again. Now I have to admit I would do it again because my nails were gorgeous and lasted over two weeks each time. I will just be sure to hit the salon when it’s time to take off the gel instead of ruining my nails at home!

    Posted 8.3.11
  3. I get them every two weeks. LOVE them. I agree with Kathryn – DEFINITELY get them removed at the salon. And it depends largely on the person doing the manicure, and the brand of polish, if it lasts 2 weeks or not. I have had them that last nicely for 2 weeks, but I have had some that start peeling after 5 or 6 days. I just got one yesterday and I need it to last through BlogHer and till I get home from Maine — on Aug 20. FAT CHANCE of that, lol. But I do hope to get 2 weeks out of it, especially since my hands won’t be in dishwater this weekend!

    see you soon!!

    Posted 8.3.11
  4. Wendy wrote:

    I have gotten one once and it lasted over 3 weeks before one nail got a chip. You just need to be careful about what you expose your nails to in regard to cleansers and such. Chlorine from frequent pool swimming can also shorten the lifespan, according to a friend of mine. Hope you enjoy yours!

    Posted 8.3.11
  5. Veronica wrote:

    I always get a gel mani! At Ritz nails & Spa in Astoria they only charge 25 for the gel manicure and it lasts so long. Its amazing for winter when you have those dark colors like Lincoln Park After Dark or Cherry Chutney. I have gone three weeks before seeing some lifting around the edges. Then I just peel it off… so addicting.

    Posted 8.3.11
  6. I get something similar. It is a shellac mani ( and mine often last for three weeks without any issues (but my nails are short). My present mani is a week old. I have heard the shellac comes off easier than the OPI gel. I am willing to compare yours vs. mine and blogher if you are up for it.

    Posted 8.3.11
  7. lizzys wrote:

    more dangerous words…..up to 75% off

    Posted 8.4.11
  8. kerry wrote:

    Hey, Vera- personally I think it’s totally worth it! They actually look great for over two weeks. I’ve found that the Shallac works better for me than opi…soaking them off in remover isn’t a huge issue either. It sort of soaks/peels off in the remover. Also- I loved that they were really dry…no chance of bumping into something and ruining them…good luck with yours.

    Posted 8.4.11

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