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I Never Thought I’d See My Mug In Times Square Lights #FrigidaireChallenge


Holy Smokes! What a FUN FUN (rainy) day!  Frigidaire invited me down to Times Square to be their online correspondent during The Frigidaire Double or Nothing Holiday Challenge. I was able to ask some questions from my Facebook community during the 30 minute competition.


Claire Robinson was the official host and the two chefs who were competing were Chef Anne Burrell and Chef Geoffrey Zakarian. If you watch the Food Network… you are very familiar with this trio. Everyone was REALLY REALLY NICE and I just have to say that Claire has the best eyelashes. End of point.


The challenge started (which I will get a video of so I can post it on the blog next week) and Claire invited me on stage to ask the chefs one question each.


Here’s the craziest part. There were three HUGE HUGE HUGE HUGE HUGE (did I mention they were huge) TV billboards surrounding our little tent in Times Square and they were each broadcasting the Frigidaire challenge. I looked up and… well, there I was.




Fr-eaking crazy! OH MY WORD!!! My time was up and off the stage I went. I then joined my partner Audrey McClelland to host their Twitter party online. One great thing after the other.


When the challenge ended,  we each got to taste what the chefs cooked. AMAZING! Don’t worry – I have recipes to share and soon.




A few more photo ops and back to Long Island I went. What a whirlwind of a day!!

I would love if you took a second to vote for your favorite chef. For each vote, Frigidaire will donate $1 to Save the Children!!! It’s such a great cause!!!

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